Adhesive Tape Materials And Whole Set Solutions

Technical Articles Of Adhtapes

The window pane

The window lens panel is an indispensable part of many intelligent products in the market. It not only plays a good decorative and beautiful role but also can protect intelligent products to a certain extent.

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PTFE Gasket

Soft polytetrafluoroethylene refined. Durable, reliable sealing performance; Ptfe itself has the best corrosion resistance and aging resistance, after special processing has good creep resistance and cold flow resistance

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Spooling Tape

With industrial automation development and more efficient requirements,
Some customers ask for longer-length double side tape, the spooling and bobbins double side tape emerges as the times require.

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Adhesive Pads

Adhesive pads are made of high-quality EVA foam (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer), stick very well, and are very durable.

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Taped masking film

Pre-taped masking film is PE film with a washi masking tape on one side. The PE Film is electrostatic .

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What is polyimide

Polyimide (PI) is a kind of polymer containing imide ring (- co-n-co -) in the main chain, which is one of the best organic polymer materials.

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Adhesive Tape For Battery

There are Kapton high temperature tape, green high temperature tape, masking tape, double-sided tape, ordinary OPP tape, and kraft paper on the lithium battery.

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Adhesive Magnets

For Neodymium and Rare Earth Magnets, Hook | Eyebolt Magnets and AlNiCo | Ceramics magnets,
the laminated adhesive material is 3M 9448A | 3M467MP | 3M468MP | 3M 300LSE |3M VHB Tape |3M PE Foam Tape.

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Corrugated Box Double Sided Tape

The material of this tape is non-woven or tissue coated with acrylic glue.

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Arrow Tape

Suitable for pipeline facilities in factories, hotels, hospitals, electric power, residential buildings, large-scale projects, and underground facilities

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Waterproof acoustic membrane

The waterproof acoustic membrane is used in acoustic applications.

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How To Choose Anti Slip Pads

If you want to find an anti-slip pad that fits your budget, you are in right place.

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The material for the LCD washer and cushion

The LCD washable and cushion is used to seal and protect the screens of TVs, monitors, tablets, and laptops.

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Gray ESD PET Tape

The anti-static tape is made of anti-electric material, which has the characteristics of discharging electrostatic charge and clear transparency.

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Photovoltaic solar tape application solution

Many parts of photovoltaic solar energy manufacturing need tape.

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Introduction of INOAC (Japan) Foam

INOAC (Japan) CR EPDM NR Rubeer Foam

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410 Nomex

Where electrical insulation is required, it is usually seen in Nomex * aromatic polyamide products.

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The Adhesive tape solution for electric vehicle power battery

Endurance, safety, and efficiency are the three characteristics of electric vehicle battery design and production. We provide materials, processes, and technologies to optimize your design.

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How to choose PTFE and FEP

PTFE: Polytetrafluoroethylene is a kind of high-temperature chemical material containing polytetrafluoroethylene. Widely used in packaging, electronic and electrical, chemical energy, and corrosion-resistant materials.

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