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SEKISUI 5782 is developed for applying to resin parts such as polypropylene, and polyurethane foam. The total VOC emission and odor are lowered.

  • Thickness: 0.13mm
  • Width: 1000mm
  • Length: 50m
  • Package size: 140cmx20cmx20cm
  • Weight: 15kg
180 degree Peeling AdhesionSUS23N/25mm19.2Based on JIS Z 0237 Old Version) Pressure: 2kg roller Peeling Speed: 300mm/min
Holding PowerJIS Holding Powermm0.340 /    1kg X 1hr
80 Holding Powermm0.380 /  0.5kg X 1hr

SEKISUI 5782 Features

  • The total VOC emission is much lower than conventional products.
  • It has less odor and provides a comfortable environment in a closed vehicle.
  • It has superior adhesion to polyolefin materials such as PP.
  • It is free from the thirteen chemical substances regulated by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare in Japan, which are harmful to human bodies.

SEKISUI 5782 Applications

  • For fixing industrial parts
  • For fixing interior parts
  • For fixing foam material to HVAC

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