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Introduction of INOAC (Japan) Foam

INOAC (Japan) CR EPDM NR Rubeer Foam
C-4305、C-4205、C-4505、C-4555、C-4600、C-4315、C-4310、C-4500、E-4088、E-4188、E-4388、E-4382、E-4338、E-4308、E-7003、E-7004、N-148、N-138、N-147、N-145, Etc.


Automobile sealing material.Water sealing materials around windows and doors
Sealing material for residence. Water stop and airtight sealing of residential roof, exterior wall, window periphery, etc
Sealing materials for the household appliance industry.Heat-breaking and airtight sealing materials for vending machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, and industrial cold storage
Cushion sealing material for civil construction.Sealing / cushioning materials for concrete secondary products, acoustic walls, etc
Sealing ring of battery outer box cover, Seal at the perforation of the power harness
INOAC (Japan) PU/Poron Foam

PU Foam: SM-55、F-2、F-6、F-2G、UEI-3、ESH、ESH-4
Poron Foam: SRS-40P、SRS-48P、SRS-70P、L-32 and L-24 series 、HH-48

It is widely used in PDP TVs, LCD displays, mobile phones, notebooks, MP3, communication cabinets, medical instruments, and other electronic products, as well as in the military industry, aerospace, and other fields.

We can provide the material and also process it, such as laminating with double-sided tape, and die-cutting the shape and size required.


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