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Introduction of INOAC (Japan) Foam

INOAC (Japan) CR EPDM NR Rubeer Foam
C-4305、C-4205、C-4505、C-4555、C-4600、C-4315、C-4310、C-4500、E-4088、E-4188、E-4388、E-4382、E-4338、E-4308、E-7003、E-7004、N-148、N-138、N-147、N-145, Etc.


  • Automobile sealing material.Water sealing materials around windows and doors
  • Sealing material for residence. Water stop and airtight sealing of residential roof, exterior wall, window periphery, etc
  • Sealing materials for the household appliance industry.Heat-breaking and airtight sealing materials for vending machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, and industrial cold storage
  • Cushion sealing material for civil construction.Sealing / cushioning materials for concrete secondary products, acoustic walls, etc
  • Sealing ring of battery outer box cover, Seal at the perforation of the power harness
  • INOAC (Japan) PU/Poron Foam

PU Foam: SM-55、F-2、F-6、F-2G、UEI-3、ESH、ESH-4
Poron Foam: SRS-40P、SRS-48P、SRS-70P、L-32 and L-24 series 、HH-48

  • It is widely used in PDP TVs, LCD displays, mobile phones, notebooks, MP3, communication cabinets, medical instruments, and other electronic products, as well as in the military industry, aerospace, and other fields.
  • We can provide the material and also process it, such as laminating with double-sided tape and die-cutting the shape and size required.

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