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Adhtapes Ltd is located in Shenzhen, the Special Economic Zones of China. And we concentrate on providing adhesive tape materials and whole-set solutions.

With our high-tech manufacturing facilities and high-quality control system, We are the Top professional Tape Manufacturer in China.

Cooperated with Top Producing Companies, having advanced technology and an outstanding team.  Coating, Slitting, Cutting, Die-cutting Provide.

The Products Of Adhtapes

High Temperature Tape

High-Temperature Tape

ADHTAPES High-temperature tape is a kind of adhesive tape that can be used in high-temperature environments. Includes Kapton tape, Pet silicone tape, Teflon tape, Plasma tape, Glass cloth tape, and Mylar tape.
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Insulation Tape

Insulation Tape

ADHTAPES Insulation tape is an electrical insulation tape for industrial use. Consists of a base material and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer. Includes Acetate cloth tape, glass cloth tape, Mylar Tape, Wire Harness tape Etc.
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Conductive Tape

Conductive Tape

ADHTAPES Conduct tape is a metal foil or conductive cloth with a highly conductive backing adhesive tape. Includes Aluminum Foil Tape, Copper Foil Tape, Conductive Cloth tape, and Thermal Tape, etc
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Foam Tape

Foam Tape

ADHTAPES Foam tape is made of EVA or PE foam as the backing and coated on one or both sides with solvent-based (or hot-melt) pressure-sensitive adhesive and then laminated with release paper.
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Double-sided Tape

Double-sided Tape

ADHTAPES Double-sided adhesive tape is a roll of adhesive tape made of paper, cloth, or plastic film as a substrate, and then coated with adhesive double-sided.
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Silicone Foam

Silicone Foam

ADHTAPES Silicone foam is a kind of new material. It is flame retardancy and high-low temperature resistance. Used for new engery power battery pack.
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Adhtapes Services The Industry


Adhesive Tape For Home Appliances

Home Appliances
  • LOGO Paste
  • Control panel attachment
  • Internal fixing
  • Winding insulation
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Sealing
  • Anti-vibration
  • Dustproof
Automobile Industry
  • Engine compartment wrap
  • Instrument panel stickers
  • Logo sticker
  • Rearview mirror
  • Door panels
  • Waterproofing
  • Anti-vibration
  • Sealing
Battery Industry
  • Battery pack packaging
  • Battery Insulation
  • Lithium battery internal insulation
  • Lithium battery packaging
Solar Energy
  • Fixation of solar panels
  • Power cable fixation
  • Solar crystal plate fixed

Adhesive Tape For Construction Industry

Construction Industry
  • Exterior wall fixed
  • Spray paint
  • Doors and Windows fixed
  • Seal
  • Dustproof
  • waterproof
LED Lighting
  • Fixed LED lamps
  • LED light heat dissipation
  • LED heat conduction
  • LED insulation
Adhesive Tape For Electronic-Communication

Adhesive Tape For Electronic Communication

Electronic Communication
  • Mobile phone protective film
  • Screen protective film
  • Screen shading film
  • Control panel protective film
  • Product surface protection
Adhesive Tape For Electric-manufacturing

Adhesive Tape For Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing
  • Improvement of the manufacturing process
  • Paste
  • Electronic products,
  • Laminating
  • Environmental protection
Adhesive Tape For Photonics-Industry

Adhesive Tape For Photonics Industry

Photonics Industry
  • Touch product solutions
  • Double sided tape
  • Function of tape
  • Optical tape
  • Protective film
  • Feature film
  • Heat dissipation material
Adhesive Tape For Aerospace

Adhesive Tape For Aerospace

  • High-temperature resistant material
  • Low-temperature resistant material
  • Radiation-resistant material
Adhesive Tape For Powder-Coating

Adhesive Tape For Powder Coating

Powder Coating
  • Sandblasting
  • Paint protection
  • Spray paint protection
Adhesive Tape For Protective-Film

Protective Film

Protective Film
  • Mobile phone screen protector
  • Monitor screen protective film
  • Product surface protection
Adhesive Tape For Display-Screen-Industry

Display Screen Industry

Display Screen Industry
  • Surface protection
  • Control panel paste
  • Border paste
Adhesive Tape For Decoration-and-fixation

Decoration and fixation

Decoration and fixation
  • For decoration
  • Paste photo frame
  • Stick anyting

Die cutting Service Of Adhtapes

Adhesive Tape Die-cutting is a manufacturing process used to generate large numbers of the same shape from a tape material such as High-temperature Tape, Foam Tape, Double-sided Tape Etc.

The process is widely used in an assortment of adhesive tape industries all over the world. We offer all kinds of die-cutting services according to the photos, designs, and samples.

ADHTAPES offers a wide range of common and branded adhesive tape products, as well as customized products and solutions. Can be custom coated, laminated, slit and die cut. Our main products are high-temperature tapes, insulating tapes, conductive tapes, and double-sided tapes.

We provide branded tapes such as 3M tape, TESA tape, Nitto tape, Rogers foam, Bergquist,Saint Gobain materials, and PORON foams for material lamination and die-cutting.

Saint Gobain

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410 Nomex

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What is high temperature tape

High-temperature tape is an adhesive tape that can be used in high-temperature environments and can be used in areas that require anti-gluing, corrosion-resistant insulation, and has a repeatable adhesive function.

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