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  • Adhesive Tape Provider From China

    We are an adhesive tape provider and converter located in China

  • Branded Tape And Materials Are In Stock

    Both regular and branded materials are in stock

  • Adhesive Tape Whole Set Solutions

    We can provide the complete converting of adhesive tape, including, coating, slitting, rewinding, die-cutting, spooling, etc.

  • We Know What You Need

    More than 10 years of production and export experience to quickly match and understand your adhesive tape needs.

Adhtapes Ltd is located in China and concentrates on providing adhesive tape whole sets solutions as well as adhesive tape materials.
As an adhesive tape production and conversion company, we have professional production and conversion machines to serve different tape products and customer needs.
Our services include coating, slitting, cutting, rewinding, die-cutting, laminating, spooling, etc. The main markets we serve are China, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. To meet the different needs of customers, we always have sufficient inventory to support customers' business.

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The Products Of Adhtapes

High Temperature Tape

High-Temperature Tape

ADHTAPES High-temperature tape is a kind of adhesive tape that can be used in high-temperature environments. Includes Kapton tape, Pet silicone tape, Teflon tape, Plasma tape, Glass cloth tape, and Mylar tape,etc.
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Insulation Tape

Insulation Tape

ADHTAPES Insulation tape is an electrical insulation tape for industrial use. Consists of a base material and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer. Includes Acetate cloth tape, glass cloth tape, Mylar Tape, Wire Harness tape ,etc.
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Conductive Tape

Conductive Tape

ADHTAPES Conduct tape is a metal foil or conductive cloth with a highly conductive backing adhesive tape. Includes Aluminum Foil Tape, Copper Foil Tape, Conductive Cloth tape, and Thermal Tape, etc.
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Foam Tape

Foam Tape

ADHTAPES Foam tape is made of EVA or PE foam as the backing and coated on one or both sides with solvent-based (or hot-melt) pressure-sensitive adhesive and then laminated with release paper.
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Double-sided Tape

Double-sided Tape

ADHTAPES Double-sided adhesive tape is a roll of adhesive tape made of paper, cloth, or plastic film as a substrate, and then coated with adhesive double-sided.
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Silicone Foam

Silicone Foam

ADHTAPES Silicone foam is a kind of new material. It is flame retardancy and high-low temperature resistance. Used for new engery power battery pack.
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Die cutting Service Of Adhtapes

Adhesive Tape Die-cutting is a manufacturing process used to generate large numbers of the same shape from a tape material such as High-temperature Tape, Foam Tape, Double-sided Tape Etc.

The process is widely used in an assortment of adhesive tape industries all over the world. We offer various die-cutting services according to the photos, designs, and samples.

ADHTAPES offers a wide range of adhesive tape products and customized products and solutions. It can be custom coated, laminated, slit, and die cut. Our main products are high-temperature tapes, insulating tapes, conductive tapes, and double-sided tapes.


Industry Information

How to choose PTFE and FEP

PTFE: Polytetrafluoroethylene is a kind of high-temperature chemical material containing polytetrafluoroethylene.......

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The Adhesive tape solution for electric vehicle power battery

Endurance, safety, and efficiency are the three characteristics of electric vehicle battery design and production......

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410 Nomex

Where electrical insulation is required, it is usually seen in Nomex * aromatic polyamide products.

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Introduction of INOAC (Japan) Foam

INOAC (Japan) CR EPDM NR Rubeer Foam

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What is the non-slip tape?

Non-slip tape is a kind of tape with sand or dark grain on the surface, the use of a rough surface to achieve the purpose of non-slip

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Thermal runaway protection materials for power batteries

At present, new energy vehicle manufacturers mainly use aerogel felt, flame retardant foam, mica material, ceramic silicone rubber, and other protective materials for thermal runaway power batteries.

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Common lithium battery tape

Lithium battery tape is a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape used in the middle production process of lithium battery cells for electrode winding......

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What kind of foam material is needed for power batteries?

Foam can provide excellent insulation, cushioning, flame retardancy, sealing, support, shock absorption......

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