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Window Lens Panel

July 20, 2022

Window lens panel is an indispensable part of many intelligent products in the market.

It not only plays a good decorative and beautiful role but also can protect intelligent products to a certain extent.

At the same time, with the wider use of Windows lenses, the market is more and more related to product types. 

Flat Window Panel

Professional window lenses include flat lenses, which are mainly obtained by PMMA or PC through printing and CNC cutting, and their main material is PMMA and PC.

The window lens impact toughness of this kind of material pledges is better, be scratched not easily in the process of use, has stronger durability, and can use longer time.

Among them, PMMA material has uniform thickness and size, good optical performance, and is especially suitable for camera and flip phone inner screens.

Injection Molded Window Panel

Injection molding mobile phone panel is also one of the Windows panels, it is made of PMMA and PC particles through injection molding, hardening, printing, and trimming lens panels, and its materials are mainly PC and PMMA.

After injection molding, this type of window lens surface hardness will have obvious enhancement, after the hardening treatment of the professional industry, not easily oxidation and crack, and is suitable for lens surface hardness, and impact performance requirements of relatively high products.

IML Window Panel

This type of window lens is mainly obtained by film printing, punching, molding, and then injection molding, IML lens film materials are mainly PC and PET.

Among them, a high-quality IML lens using PET film transmittance is better than similar products, and surface hardness is also relatively high.

In addition, after injection molding, the back of the lens can be printed again, so that the decorative pattern on the window lens is rich in layers.

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