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Adhesive Tape For Battery

March 18, 2022

There are Kapton high-temperature tape, green high temperature tape, masking tape, double-sided tape, ordinary OPP tape, and kraft paper on the lithium battery.

The Tapes Used For Battery

The function of the brown high-temperature tape is to stick the positive and negative ears after welding to prevent it from touching the pole piece after it hits the shell.

The role of the green high-temperature tape is to paste the blank positions of the aluminum foil on the head and tail of the positive electrode sheet, and some companies are used to paste the winding end position (more companies choose to use OPP tape to paste the end position).

The role of masking tape is to stick the outside of the aluminum shell for protection.

The double-sided adhesive tape is used to fix the position of the tabs of the flexible battery.

Adhesive paper (double-sided tape) plays a role in fixing the battery core and the rubber case, ensuring the shockproof performance of the battery.

Highland barley paper generally plays the role of insulation and filling.

Sponge pads have similar functions to barley paper and are generally used between the protective board and the battery core.

High-temperature glue is generally used in the part where battery hardware and battery core are insulated.

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