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March 18, 2022

Gray ESD PET Tape

Gray ESD PET Tape

The anti-static tape is made of anti-electric material, which has the characteristics of discharging electrostatic charge and clear transparency. The surface resistance is 1*10^9 Ω. Its specific gravity ranges from 0.7 to 1.2.

The feature of gray ESD PET Tape

  • As a part of the overall anti-static control scheme, the anti-static tape can be applied to an electrostatic safety workstation
  • Even in a dry environment with a relative humidity of 10%, only a very low level of electrostatic charge is generated
  • This new type of tape can effectively prevent the damage of electrostatic discharge to sensitive electronic components when it is moved from stainless steel
  • The tape provides paper roll core and anti-static plastic roll core, which can greatly reduce pollution to the clean area

Where the Gray Anti-static PET Tape used for

It is applicable to the processing of electrostatic sensitive devices, the sealing of packaging bags, and the packaging of other electronic products

  • Office / clean room/workstation/Manufacturing /packing cases
  • Paste work procedure record
  • Electrostatic shielding sealing pocket
  • Sealing / adhesive liquid sealing pipes for packages and containers
  • Bonding and sealing articles
  • Transfer pollutants
  • Auxiliary protection, shielding application, etc.
  • Bonded and sealed goods stacking identification
  • Tray packing

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