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How to distinguish oil glue water glue hot melt glue

Double-sided adhesive tape is a versatile tape with adhesive on both sides, which can be used for a wide range of applications. The choice of substrate and adhesive will depend on the specific use case, as well as the desired properties of the tape.

Common substrates for double-sided adhesive tape include polyimide (PI) film, polyester (PET) film, and polyethylene (PE) foam. These materials offer a combination of strength, flexibility, and resistance to heat, chemicals, and moisture, depending on the specific application.

The adhesive system used in double-sided adhesive tape can also vary, with the most common types being oil-based, water-based, and hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives. Each of these adhesive systems has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of adhesive will depend on factors such as the substrate material, the desired level of bonding strength, and the environmental conditions in which the tape will be used.

Oil-based adhesives are typically made from natural or synthetic rubber and offer excellent initial tack and bonding strength, as well as good resistance to high temperatures and humidity. Water-based adhesives, on the other hand, are usually made from acrylics and offer a high level of clarity and resistance to UV light, as well as easy cleanup with water. Hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives are melted and applied to the substrate in a molten state, and then solidify upon cooling, providing a strong, permanent bond.

Water Glue

Water-based adhesives have gained popularity in recent years due to their environmental benefits and low cost. They are produced by emulsifying acrylic or polyurethane resins with water as a solvent.

One of the biggest advantages of water-based adhesives is their versatility, as they can be used in a variety of applications such as general water-soluble PA, water-soluble PU, leather film adhesive, and scratch color paste. They also have functional properties, such as oil sense wax sense, which can be used in various coatings.

However, water-based adhesives do have some disadvantages, such as poor film-forming and washing fastness. Additionally, they are not suitable for laminating sponges, foam, and other foam products. PU cannot be attached to hot air glue when using water-based adhesives. Despite these limitations, water-based adhesives are still a promising direction for coating due to their environmental benefits and low cost.

Oil Glue

Double-sided adhesive oil glue has good film formation and fastness, but its use of oil-based solvents makes it less environmentally friendly and more expensive.

The high cost of oil-based solvents has led some manufacturers to use lower-quality solvents, which can lead to a decrease in environmental performance. As environmental standards continue to improve, there is an increasing demand for more environmentally friendly alternatives to oil-based adhesive systems.

Hot-melt Pressure-Sensitive Glue

Hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is a type of adhesive made from a mixture of synthetic rubber, resin, and rubber oil that is melted and coated onto various substrates such as cotton paper, cloth, or plastic film. Its biggest advantage is its low cost, but its adhesion is affected by temperature fluctuations.

This type of adhesive is mainly used for sealing boxes, paper packaging, beverage bottle labels, aluminum foil sealing, flexible packaging, and other packaging applications. It is also suitable for bonding various materials such as varnishing, polishing, calendering, PP composite, PET, PP transparent boxes, film, non-woven products, cosmetics, food and beverage packaging, assembly furniture, electronics, automotive interiors, lamp manufacturing, windscreen assembly, diapers, shoe inserts, disposable household goods, and more.

The hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive has a strong adhesive force, making it suitable for difficult-to-stick materials such as coated composite trademark paper, labels, double-sided adhesive tape, sticky mouse boards, sticky fly paper, wooden flooring, carpet over glue, band-aids, medical breathable tape, color box packaging, carton packaging adhesive, backing adhesive tape, and other applications. It also has good thermal stability, no impurities, excellent weather resistance, unique water resistance, and waterproof characteristics for aluminum foil sealing.

  • Water-based adhesives are becoming increasingly popular due to their environmental friendliness, low cost, and functional properties. However, they do have some disadvantages such as poor film-forming and washing fastness.
  • Oil-based adhesives are known for their good film formation and fastness, but their environmental impact is a concern due to the use of oil-based solvents.
  • Hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives are cost-effective and widely used in packaging and labeling applications, but their adhesion strength can be affected by temperature changes.

Overall, the choice of adhesive will depend on the specific application and the desired properties of the double-sided tape.

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