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3M 8306 Solar Tape

3M 8306 Solar tape can be applied at high speeds using automation equipment, resulting in high productivity during panel manufacturing.

This tape has a single-coated dielectric backing with non-conductive high-temperature acrylic adhesive.

With the adhesive’s high tolerance to typical lamination temperatures, it is generally used for cosmetic and insulating applications in solar panel manufacturing.

Properties Typical Values Test Method
Adhesion to Steel
oz/in (N/100 mm)
48 (52)
ASTM D-3330
(180 degrees peel, 12 in/min
Tensile Strength at Break
lbs/in (N/100 mm)
24 (421)
ASTM D-3759
Elongation at Break, %102ASTM D-3759
PropertiesTypical Values
Adhesive TypeAcrylic
Backing Thickness mil (mm)0.9 (0.023)
Adhesive Thickness mil (mm)1.3 (0.033)
Total Thickness mil (mm)2.2 (0.056)
Release LinerNone

3M 8306 Solar Tape Storage

  • Store under normal conditions of 60 to 80F(16 to 27C)and 40 to 50%R.H. in the original carton.

3M 8306 Solar Tape Shelf Life

  • To obtain the best performance, use this product within 18 months from the date of manufacture.
  • UL Component Recognition
  • 8306 is UL listed under UL 510 OANZ2 File E230409

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