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3M Solar Tape 3007

3M Solar Tape 3007 consists of a 1-oz tin-plated dead soft copper foil backing and an electrically conductive, pressure-sensitive adhesive.

This high-temperature adhesive is ideal for use in thin film solar applications requiring x, y, and z-axis conductivity.

3M Solar Tape 3007 is designed for use as a charge collector or bus within a thin film solar panel.

The adhesive was formulated to undergo the vacuum lamination process typically used in the manufacture of solar panels.

PropertiesTypical Values
Conductive Adhesive0.9 mil (0.023 mm) Acrylic
Backing Thickness1.4 mil (0.035 mm) Tin-Plated Copper
Total Thickness (Backing and Adhesive)2.3 mil (0.058 mm)
Release Liner1.3 mil (0.050 mm) 1-side si-coated PET
ColorSilver (tin)
Temperature Process (short term vacuum lamination) 320°F (160°C)
Adhesion Properties:
Adhesion to Steel1.61 lb/in (0.28 N/mm)
Liner Release11 g/in
Mechanical Properties:
Breaking Strength34 lb/in (60 N/cm)
Electrical Properties
Electrical Resistance Through Adhesive<0.002 ohm
Flame RetardencyPass

3M Solar Tape 3007 Features

  • Stable electrical performance
  • Compatible with typical lamination processes
  • The tin-plated foil allows for solderability
  • Excellent conductivity
  • Dead soft copper with corrosion resistant-plating
  • Excellent high-temperature adhesive shear properties
  • PET release liner

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