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What is high temperature tape

October 27, 2022

  • High-temperature tape is an adhesive tape that can be used in high-temperature environments and can be used in areas that require anti-gluing, corrosion-resistant insulation, and has a repeatable adhesive function.
  • High-temperature tape is usually used in high-temperature environments from 120 to 280 degrees Celsius and can be used in many industries.
  • Commonly used in the electronics industry for painting, baking, leather processing, painting masking, and fixing in the manufacture of electronic parts, printed circuit boards, and high-temperature processing masking.

High-temperature Tape Features

  • Smooth surface with good non-stick properties
  • Good corrosion resistance, even in harsh environments
  • High and low-temperature resistance, with a long-term temperature resistance of 260°C
  • Moisture resistance and excellent insulation properties
  • Low friction and abrasion resistance, no residual glue, no warping, and no shedding after baking
  • Easy to use, long service life; fire retardant.
  • Easy to tear from the tape roll without stretching. Easy to work with, easy to operate

The Difference Between High-temperature Tape And Ordinary Tape

  • Material: high-temperature tape material generally has polyester film. (PET), polyimide (PI), paper/wrinkle paper + PET, and other materials. While the material of ordinary tape is mainly OPP, BOPP, cotton paper, ordinary paper, etc.
  • Appearance: the appearance of high-temperature tape looks detailed pattern, and the color is also divided into many types. And usually, we say ordinary tape, which generally refers to transparent sealing tape, mainly transparent film as a substrate, in the inner side of the evenly coated with propylene butyl glue as an adhesive, and the formation of tape. The appearance of these two looks, or a little different.
  • Temperature: high-temperature tape is good temperature resistance, can be between 120 degrees - 260 degrees, and temperature resistance time is 1 minute - 30 minutes. And ordinary tape is a room temperature item, its temperature time to be used according to the environment and different decisions, generally after the use of peeling will have residual 
  • Price: the price of high-temperature tape is generally higher than ordinary tape.
  • Use: high-temperature tape is a kind of adhesive tape used in the high-temperature operating environment, for some special industries, such as high-temperature operating environments, you need to use some high-temperature adhesive tape. And ordinary tape mainly plays the role of sealing packing, there are many high-temperature tapes that can be used where ordinary tape can not be used.

The Use Of High-temperature Tape

  • Insulation cladding for the wire and cable industry
  • Insulating fabric for the electro-oxygen industry
  • Used in the storage tank roller surface cladding, rail conflict surface fabric, can also be directly affixed to a variety of large flat and rule surface (such as roller), its operation is simple, but also exempt from spraying tetrafluoro materials need professional equipment, special technology and the need to transport to professional spraying factory processing and other restrictions
  • For textile, food, pharmaceutical, wood processing, and other parts of the insulating high-temperature material
  • For color printing and packaging machines, plastic weaving and drawing machines microwave drying, various conveyor belts and clothing hot sticking sealing packaging industry, a variety of bag-making machines, as well as in the sealing machine's hot pressing sealing end surface and other aspects of the use of high-temperature tape.
  • For chassis, toughened cups and other high-temperature spraying powder cover
  • LED dot matrix block, digital tube, electrical LED display panel, and other high-temperature potting to cover
  • The electronics industry is now the electronics industry, in the production of electronic products, but also must use high-temperature tape, high-temperature tape has two uses, one is fixed, and the second is a very good insulation effect, but electronic products in the branch work will also produce a certain
  • Suitable for computer cases, cabinets, and other metal surface treatment of high-temperature powder unsprayed, baking paint masking protection role;
  • Suitable for electronic products, the automotive industry, painting, and other products when high-temperature spraying masking protection and insulation purposes;
  • Printed circuit boards, electronic parts, resistors, and capacitors production fixed and PCB board containing immersion process to mask the gold finger part and prevent the immersion of plating solution and pollution, printed circuit board gold plating masking protection have a certain role;
  • Home appliances, machinery, electronics, and other industries also need high-temperature paint spraying protection, high-temperature binding fixed role, and high-temperature tape can solve these problems.
  • High-temperature tape is also sometimes used as a release paper joint, commonly known as splicing tape.
  • It can be used in industries such as sizing machine rollers, thermoplastic release, etc. High temperature-resistant tape can be used repeatedly and is easy to replace.
  • High-temperature-resistant tape is widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, laminating, sealing and heat sealing, and electrical and electronic industries.
  • Mainly used in the electronics industry, high-temperature tape is usually used in the range of 120° to 260°. High-temperature tape is commonly used for painting, baking leather processing, painting masking and fixing electronic parts in the process, printed circuit boards, and high-temperature processing masking.

What Is The Maximum Temperature Resistance Of The High-Temperature Tape

  • The maximum temperature of high-temperature tape, which depends on the use of the environment, and the application of the length of time, is difficult to say, in general, if you want a long time heat resistance of about 260 degrees, you can choose Teflon tape or polyimide tape, these two materials can withstand 400 degrees, the highest can mainly because it is silicone, so the overall temperature resistance or decline, if the application time is short, such as a few seconds or a few minutes, the two materials The tape can withstand 400 degrees, the specific situation or try again later, please do not use blindly, so as not to damage parts or affect production.

How to Store High-Temperature Tapes Correctly

  • The tape should be stored in a warehouse protected from the sun and rain; keep it away from organic solvents such as acids and alkaline oils, keep it clean and dry, and keep it 1m from the equipment where it is found, in a room temperature of -15°C to 40°C.
  • The tape should be placed in rolls, not folded, and should be turned quarterly for long storage periods.
  • When loading and unloading the conveyor belt it is best to use a crane and lift it smoothly with the rigging of the crossbeam to prevent damage to the belt edges, not carry it roughly, and cause the flap to swing loose.
  • The type and standard of tape should be chosen reasonably according to the needs and specific conditions of use.
  • Different types, standards, strengths, and layers of tape should not be used at the same time.
  • It is preferable to use hot vulcanized rubber for belt joints to improve reliability and to insist on a high strength of use.

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