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Corrugated Box Double Sided Tape

This tape is cut from tissue double-sided tape. Also called zipper-packing double-sided tape.

It has good weather resistance, high viscosity, stamping, and other characteristics, and has a certain peel strength.

It’s environmentally friendly and replaces opp tape for carton packing and Sealing, easy to pull or tear by hand.

There are two shapes on the market, One is a wave edge, the other is a straight edge, and this part is no adhesive that the workman can easy to handle.

Corrugated Box Double-sided Tape Features

  • The double-sided carton sealing tape has good rebound resistance, warpage resistance, and temperature resistance.
  • It also has a strong adhesion force and holding force.
  • It has good adhesion force to a variety of substrates.
  • It is suitable for bonding on a curved surface.
  • The temperature resistance can reach 90 degrees.
  • Strong adhesive can seal the box well.

Corrugated Box Double-sided Tape Applications

It mainly applies to Color boxes / High-end packing Boxes/envelope Packing/Cosmetic boxes. Airplane box, physical examination envelope box, eBay /Amazon zipper box, Etc

The corrugated box double-sided tape always comes together with an easy pull wire/tear strip tape.

  • Material: OPE/MOP/OPP/PET
  • Color: clear/red/orange/white/green
  • Normal Width: 2mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm
  • Normal length: 5000m/2000m/1000m/650m
easy pull wire
easy pull wire
easy pull wire

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