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Adhtapes Ltd is located in Shenzhen, the Special Economic Zone of China. We concentrate on providing adhesive tape whole sets solutions as well as adhesive tape materials.
As an adhesive tape production and conversion company, we have coating machines, cutting machines, die-cutting machines, rewinding machines, spooling machines, and testing equipment, providing tape production, conversion, import, and export services.
We can not only provide conventional tape products but also provide customized production and service for customers around the world. Our main products are high-temperature adhesive tape, insulation adhesive tape, double-sided adhesive tape, foam adhesive tape, conductive adhesive tape, and various brands of adhesive tape. Products have been widely used in the Chinese market but also exported to North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Australia.
With our high-tech manufacturing facilities and high-quality control system, We are the Top professional Tape Manufacturer in China. Cooperated with Top Producing Companies, having advanced technology and an outstanding team. Coating, Slitting, Cutting, Die-cutting Provide.With a matured supply chain and strict test standards, products with High and Stable quality and moderate prices.
Our goal is to provide our customers with cost-effective tapes and the widest variety of taping solutions in the industry. We also strive to give all of our customers—from large manufacturing companies to individuals with unique taping needs—the attention and respect they deserve.

What We Do

One Stop Adhesive Tapes Solutions

Adhesive Tape Coating

Adhesive tape coating is the production process of using a coating machine to apply glue to the backing material. Backing materials are PI film, PET film, PVC film, aluminum foil, PE foam, EVA foam, etc. Glue is silicone, acrylic glue, and rubber, etc. The width is from 500mm to 1300mm. Single-sided tape only needs to be coated on one side, only coated one time. Double-sided tape requires double-sided adhesive coating, requiring secondary coating.

Adhesive Tape Rewinding

Tape rewinding is to use the rewinding machine to rewind the coated jumbo rolls into log rolls of standard length 33m or 66m. Convenient packaging and transportation as well as cutting and die-cutting.

Adhesive Tape Lamination

Adhesive Tape lamination is the process of laminating double-sided tape to a specified material without a backing, or the process of laminating multiple layers of material together using double-sided tape to make a composite material. Slitting or die-cutting after lamination. Single-sided tapes need to be die-cut, firstly by laminating the release film and then by die-cutting.

Adhesive Tape Slitting

Adhesive Tape slitting is to use a tape slitting machine to quickly strip the tape into a specified width and length. The width of the strip can be customized, as can the length, which can be thousands of meters. The slitted tape can be used manually or on a tape-packing machine

Adhesive Tape Cutting

Adhesive Tape cutting is to use a tape cutting machine to cut a specified length of tape into a specified width. Usually used in high-temperature tape and double-sided tape cutting. The standard roll length is 33m or 66m. The width can be 1/2 inch,1inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, or other sizes.

Adhesive Tape Die Cutting

Adhesive Tape die-cutting is to use a die-cutting machine to quickly, batch, and accurately cut the tape into the specified shape and size. In the die-cutting production process, firstly need according to the specific use design drawings, and then according to the drawings open the mold, finally with die cutting machine production.

Why Choose Us

High Quality

Best raw materials make the best products. All products are made with new material.

Free Sample

ust tell us the material type and size, free samples can be offered within 3 days. And for most countries in the world, this free sample will be in your hands within 7 days.

Fast Delivery

We have a strong team to finish and ship your order quickly. For most countries, express delivery is 5 days, air transportation is 10 days, and ship by sea is 30 days.

24*7 Service

As we have been expanded our products to the global market, our service team responds 24hours, 7days

100% Inspection

To ensure all the products high quality, we have all the products 100% inspection before shipment.

Competitive Price

Get better prices from manufacturer directly to reduce your costs.


All of our materils with MSDS and SGS
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Adhesive Tape MSDS
Adhesive Tape MSDS
Adhesive Tape MSDS
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Adhesive Tape SGS RoHS
Adhesive Tape SGS RoHS

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