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ADHTAPES is a professional one-stop solution company for adhesive tapes. We offer a wide range of common and branded adhesive tape products, as well as customized products and solutions. Can be custom coated, laminated, slit, and die cut. Our main products are high-temperature tapes, insulating tapes, conductive tapes, and double-sided tapes. We provide branded tapes such as 3M tape, TESA tape, Nitto tape, Rogers foam, and Bergquist for material lamination and die-cutting.

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Blow list is the adhesive tapes classified by backing type and adhesive type, you can aslo find tapes clssified by features in the top menu.

Polyimide film is a common adhesive backing, it can be coated with adhesive single-sided or double-sided, and can also do antistatic treatment.
Polyimide film is a commonly used high-temperature resistant adhesive backing material.

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