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XPE Foam

XPE Foam

XPE Foam (Cross-linked polyethylene foam) is a kind of PE foam, it is a new type of environmental protection material.

  • Foam multiple: 3~40
  • Width: within 500~2000
  • Thickness: single layer 3~15MM, thermal composite (multilayer) 15~200MM, can be surface pressure light and corona treatment
  • Common colors: black, white, gray, color customized
Data Sheet

XPE Foam Data Sheet

XPE Foam Data Sheet
Rate35810152025303540Test Standard
Density (kg/m3)/300±40200±30125±15100±1066.7±850±640±433.3±32S.6±226.8±3GB/T6343
Shore Hardness/65-7560-7050-6045-5035-4530-3525-3018-2513-1813-18GB/T2411
Tensile Strength < Mpa > Transverse≥1.4≥1.3≥0.9≥0.7≥0.5≥0.35≥0.3≥0.2≥0.15≥0.12GB/T6344
Elongatton (%)Transverse≥150≥130≥120≥110≥100≥80≥80≥80≥70≥70GB/T6344
Tearing Strength (KN/m)Transverse≥12≥12≥9≥6≥4.5≥2.5≥2≥1.2≥1.2≥1.1GB/T10808
Compressed Distomons <%> 23±2℃, 22h/≤2≤2≤3≤5≤7≤8≤10≤10≤11≤11GB/T6669
Rate of dimensional change(%)70±2℃. 22hTransverse≤-4
Water Absorption (%) 23±2℃, 24h/≤0.2≤0.2≤0.2≤0.2≤0.3≤0.3≤0.4≤0.4≤0.4≤0.4GB/T1034-method 4
Thermal Conductivity( w /mk )/≤0.095≤0.095≤0.084≤0.073≤0.065≤0.055≤0.049≤0.045≤0.04≤0.04GB/T10297

The main raw material of XPE is low-density polyethylene (LDPE), supplemented by a foaming agent, crosslinking agent, and other auxiliary materials, after melting, mixing and extrusion molding, and then continuous foaming at high temperature and foam products.
XPE foam is a functional polymer foam material in line with international environmental protection standards. Compared with other PE or non-PE foam (foam) materials, XPE foam has better performance in product durability, resistance to light, and physical impact.
The material has stable chemical properties, is not easy to decompose, has no odor, has good elasticity, is anti-aging, and corrosion resistance is the preferred material for the manufacture of crawling mats, sound insulation mats, thermal insulation layers, automotive soft interiors, etc.

XPE Foam Features

  • Thermal insulation: multi-layer bubble insulation layer effectively blocks the heat transfer, the lowest thermal conductivity ≤0.038 Wm.K, the highest thermal conductivity ≤0.095wm.k, the higher the foaming rate of the material, the lower the thermal conductivity

  • Waterproof prevention: multi-layer closed cell structure effectively barrier liquid penetration, 23℃-22h minimum water absorption rate ≤0.2%, the highest water absorption rate ≤0.4%, in line with PX7 waterproof level, the lower the material foaming rate, the lower the water absorption rate

  • Weathering resistance and aging resistance: the three-dimensional molecular structure has stronger structural stress than the linear molecular structure, 70℃/-30℃-12h no aging phenomenon; Uv radiation exposure - spraying - condensation -12h has no significant change; Maximum temperature 100℃/-6

  • Shock absorption buffer: multi-layer tight closed cell structure effective buffer force, (25%)-23℃-22 the lowest compression permanent deformation plexus 2%, the highest compression permanent deformation male 11%, the lower the foaming rate of the material, the smaller the compression deformation

  • Sound insulation and noise reduction: multilayer closed-cell insulation layer effectively blocks part of the sound source transmission, 5 thick polyethylene foam, air sound insulation Rw=13dB, impact sound improvement △Lw=20dB, the thicker the material thickness, the better the sound insulation and noise reduction effect

  • Anti-corrosion and drug resistance: Because of the strong tightness of the base material polyethylene itself, after irradiation cross-linking treatment, acid, acid, organic solvents, and other chemicals have excellent resistance

  • Easy molding processing: the highest tensile strength - transverse 2140Kpa* longitudinal 160Kpa, elongation at break - transverse 2150%* longitudinal 170%, tear fracture strength - transverse 212KNm* longitudinal 14KN/m material

  • Environmental protection and non-toxic: after high temperature crosslinking foaming, no chemical residue no odor, no halogen, even when burning, heating will not produce toxic gas, formamide content is very low, no formaldehyde and heavy metals and other toxic and harmful substances

XPE Foam Applications

  • All kinds of sports equipment: such as helmets, protective gear, surfboards, ski boots, skates, floor MATS, hiking bags, sports bags, floating boards, etc

  • Car Interior: such as roof canopy, door inside, instrument around, lights in the gasket, car audio. Car floor MATS, etc. The foam has good plasticity, coupled with its heat insulation, sound insulation, softness, and cushioning characteristics, and is the preferred material for vehicle interior decoration in advanced countries at present

  • Daily necessities: stationery, tools, medical instruments, cosmetic packaging, and protective materials for cameras and audio. It can also be used as the lining material for suitcases and bags and shockproof packaging and lining material for household appliances, precision instruments, and valuables. It can be applied to the lining material of sports shoes and functional shoes in all aspects

  • Building heat insulation and sound insulation field: floor and ground sound insulation and vibration reduction, floor mat mute auxiliary material, roof wall heat insulation, and so on

  • Industrial gasket and industrial special adhesive products, bottle cap gasket, sealing gasket, foam tape, etc

  • Air conditioning refrigeration field: its heat insulation and excellent molding performance can also be the air conditioning in any shape, and beautiful appearance, superior performance. Such as air conditioning insulation pipe, heat insulation abnormity, and so on

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