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Conductive Cloth Tape

Conductive Cloth Tape

Conductive Cloth Tape is made of conduct cloth coated with conduct glue.

  • Thickness(mm): 0.05 | 0.07 | 0.08 | 0.1 | 0.15 | 0.2
  • Color: Silver | Gery | Black
  • Die-cutting: Any Shape | Any Size
  • Samples: Free
Data Sheet

Conductive Cloth Tape Data Sheet

Conduct Cloth Tape No.S10-05S10-07S10-08S10-10S10-15S10-20
Total Thickness (mm)
Adhesion to Steel (kg/inch)
Holding Power >48 >72
Vertical resistance (Ω/25mm)<0.05
ColorSilver & Gray & Black
Resist Temperature —7℃~140℃
Solvent resistanceGood

Conductive Cloth Tape Structure

Conductive Cloth Tape Sturcture

Conductive Cloth Tape Features

  • Excellent conductivity.
  • Nice adhesion to various kinds of material.
  • Soft, suitable for die-cutting and processing.
  • No burr left after slitting.
  • Both plain and grid cloth tape are available.
  • Excellent shielding effect.

Conductive Cloth Tape Applications

  • It is used for computers, mobile phones, wires, cables, and other electrical and electronic products conduct.
  • Mainly used in high-frequency electromagnetic wave transmission or infinite shielding or isolation of interference.
  • To EMI shielding for notebooks, PC, mobile phones, and other electronic products.
  • For EMI shielding for connector, wire stock, FFC, etc.
  • Electronic products.
Conductive Cloth Tape Application

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