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TPU Film

TPU Film

TPU Film is a thermoplastic material, which can be applied to many materials.
It can be repeatedly heated and plasticized for bonding.
The film has good adhesion to various fabrics, Lycra, Jiaji, Chaoqian, TPU, PC and PVC, and is resistant to water washing, dry cleaning and strong original film recovery.

Data Sheet

TPU Film Data Sheet

Item Data
Thickness (μm)25|50|75|100
Weight31gm/㎡ per25μm
Melting point120℃±5℃
Elastic recovery@50um(.002″)95%
Elastic recoveryExtend 100% at a speed of 304mm (12 ″) per minute, and measure the percentage of recovery
length after one minute of free expansion and contraction.
Washable +40 ° CPass
Washable +60 ° CPass
BackingRelease paper

TPU Film Features

  • Can be precoated, high production efficiency
  • Water washing resistance and wear resistance
  • Good flexibility
  • Soft feel
  • Not fade, the color turns yellow
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Transparent adhesive film
  • No water absorption, good water resistance,
  • The film is very thin

TPU Film Applications

  • It is widely used for fitting clothes, especially bras and underwear. Instead of traditional needles and thread, it makes people wear more comfortable and healthy.

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