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PE Foam Tape

PE Foam Tape

PE Foam Tape double-sided is made of Polyethylene Foam coated with Acrylic double-side.

  • Thickness(mm): 0.2 | 0.5 | 0.8 | 1 | 1.2 | 1.5 | 1.6 | 2
  • Width: Custom width
  • Length: 33m | 16.5m | Custom length
  • Color: Black | White
  • Die-cutting: Any Shape | Any Size
  • Samples: Free
Data Sheet
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PE Foam Tape Data Sheet

PE foam Tape No.S05-20S05-50S05-80S05-100S05-120S05-150S05-160S05-200
Thickness (mm)
Adhesion to Steel (N/25mm)2217171425252525
Holding Power (1kg/25mm/h)≧24≧25
ColorBlack & White
Resist Temperature (Short time) 140℃
Resist Temperature (Long time) 80℃
Shelf life24 Months

PE Foam Tape Structure

PE Foam Tape Structure

PE Foam tape is made of PE foam coated with acrylic glue on both sides.

The structure is as below:

  • Liner
  • Acrylic Glue
  • PE Foam
  • Acrylic Glue
  • Liner(optional)

PE Foam Tape Features

  • High ultimate adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Conformable tape bonds to irregular surfaces.
  • The unique acrylic adhesive system provides long-term durability.
  • Good initial and long-term temperature resistance.

PE Foam Tape Applications

  • Applied in furniture decorating strips, and photo frames.
  • For sealing electronic components and electronic machines, stuffing.
  • For bonding automobile review mirrors, and medical equipment parts.
  • To fix the frame of LCD and FPC.
  • To bond metal and plastic badges.
  • Signs, Nameplates, and Plaques.
  • Apply to wiring ducts.
EVA Foam Tape Application

PE Foam Tape Thickness

Item Thickness(mm)Adhesion(N/25mm)

PE Foam Tape Spool

PE Foam Tape Spool
PE Foam Tape Spool
PE Foam Tape Spool
PE Foam Tape Spool

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