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What is Nano tape

August 23, 2022

Made of by synthetic resin material, The Nano Traceless tape can be washable more than 2000 times and reusable more than 600 times, And it can Stick to Glass, Metal, Kitchen Cabinets or tiles.

Features Of Nano Tape

  • It can be washed more than 2000times and reused more than 600 times
  • Super strong.
  • As easy as taking an edge and gently peeling it off and no damage to your walls or surfaces.
  • Keep items in place without slipping

How To Use Nano Tape

  • Cut it to the size of your frame.
  • Stick them on the back of the frame, and press firmly.
  • Tear the upper sticker on the tape.
  • Sticky on the clean smooth contact surface.
  • Position the frame on the wall and press it for 30 seconds

Notice Of Use Nano Tape

  • The traceless sticky face can be stuck on things in a smooth place. eg. glass, metal wood, ceramic tile, plastic, dashboard leather.
  • If the object your trying to fix is really heavy or expensive you should use more gel pad tape to fixate securely and hold your object to the desired surface.
  • The surface type and shape of the object surface will affect the overall strength capabilities of the Gel pad tape.
  • The same applies to the surface of the object you are securing, as a rule of thumb the more surface area the better.
  • We recommend covering the full surface of the object with gel pad tape for heavier or more precious items to give you peace of mind and test in a safe environment.

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