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PTFE Gasket

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a polymer compound made by the polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power, and iron and steel industries. Applicable media include water, oil, acid solution, alkali solution, and almost all chemical components.

  • Color: White
  • Temperature resistance: -180℃—250℃
  • Thickness: 1mm to 5mm
  • Size:1250mmx1800mm
  • Applicable medium: PH 0-14

PTFE Gasket Feature

  • Low-temperature resistance: good mechanical toughness; Even when the temperature drops to -196℃, 5% elongation can be maintained.
  • Corrosion resistance: inert to most chemicals and solvents, resistant to strong acids and alkalis, aqua regia, and various organic solvents.
  • Weather resistance: has the best aging life of plastics.
  • High lubrication: it is the lowest friction coefficient of solid materials.
  • Non-adhesion: the minimum surface tension in a solid material, that does not adhere to any substance.
  • Non-toxic: with physiological inertia, as artificial blood vessels and organs implanted in the body for a long time without adverse reactions.

How To Produce PTFE Gaket

  • Preparation of raw materials; Ingredients: pure F4 products, raw F4 fine resin, pounded, screened
  • Mold preparation: wipe clean with alcohol, no rust, and no attachment in the mold
  • Weighing, according to the formula G=PV(where G is the amount of feeding, P is the density of prefabricated products (2.18g/cm3)
  • Feeding: the F4 resin is evenly distributed on the whole pressing surface.
  • Pre-forming (pressing): according to the formula to calculate the pressure of the press, set the pressure of the press. To suppress
  • Demoulding trimming: take out the semi-finished product from the mold and trim its surface to make its surface smooth and its edge neat. Ready to shape.
  • Sintering: the semi-finished products are slowly into the sintering furnace, in the appropriate amount, heating up for an hour at about 390 degrees, and then for insulation for an hour, about forming began to cool, about four hours later, to reach the indoor temperature, finished products out of the oven, and finally finalize the design.

PTFE Gasket And PTFE Washer

  • A gasket is a mechanical seal between two objects, usually used to prevent pressure, corrosion, and natural thermal expansion and contraction leakage of the pipeline between two objects.
  • Since machined surfaces cannot be perfect, irregularities can be filled with gaskets. Gaskets are usually made of sheet materials such as pad paper, rubber, silicone rubber, metal, cork, felt, neoprene, NBR, fiberglass, or plastic polymers (such as PTFE).
  •  The washer is a hole (usually in the middle) in a thin plate (usually round), usually a load thread fastener used for distribution.
  • Other uses are spacers, springs (Belleville gaskets, wave gaskets), wear pads, pre-display devices, and locking devices. Rubber gaskets are also used in faucets (valves) to cut off flowing liquid or gas.
  • Rubber or silicon gaskets can also be used to reduce fan vibration.
  • Usually, the outer diameter of the gasket is about twice the inner diameter.

Expanded PTFE Gasket Sheet

High sealable pad made of expanded PTFE without any binder or additive. Strong chemical corrosion resistance;

The special design makes the plate have strong creep resistance to cold flow, so as to ensure the stability of the bolt fastening force in the sealing process;

It has good flexibility, compression resilience, high and low-temperature resistance, no aging, self-lubrication, etc. Soft and easy to cut, can be cut mechanically or manually, easy to install; With unique adaptability forming ability, without a special increase of compression force, greatly extend the service life of flange. Make up for the irregular sealing surface, reliable sealing performance, and especially excellent gas sealing performance.

  • Appearance color: white.
  • Applicable temperature: -180℃ - 250℃
  • Suitable medium: PH 0-14
  • Conventional size: 1500mm*1500mm thick 1.5-3mm

Modified PTFE Gasket Sheet

Using inorganic material as filler, it is evenly dissolved into PTFE raw material after deep processing.

Compared with pure PTFE, modified PTFE has the advantages of higher compressive strength, wear resistance, good thermal conductivity, and reduced thermal expansion. The multidirectional fiber structure makes the product highly resistant to chemical corrosion, free of cold flow and creep, and has reliable sealing for a long time.

The pad filler is inorganic, does not contain any binder, will not produce adhesion with the sealing surface, and repeated use on the same sealing surface. Easy to cut, can be cut mechanically or by hand, and easy to install. There is no aging problem, can be stored for a long time.

  • Appearance color: white or blue
  • Applicable temperature: -180℃ - 250℃
    Suitable medium: PH 0-14
  • Conventional size: 1524mm*1524mm thick 1.5-8mm

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