Adhesive Tape Materials And Whole Set Solutions
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March 18, 2022

Adhesive Magnets

Adhesive Magnets

For Neodymium and Rare Earth Magnets, Hook | Eyebolt Magnets and AlNiCo | Ceramics magnets,
the laminated adhesive material is 3M 9448A | 3M467MP | 3M468MP | 3M 300LSE |3M VHB Tape |3M PE Foam Tape.
Normally, it’s a round and rectangular in shape.

The die-cutting size is:
Round : diameter 30mm | 25mm|15mm|12mm |10mm
Rectangle: 100mm x 10mm|50mm x 16mm|50mm x 6mm|40mm x 20mm| 20mm x 6mm

Its specific gravity ranges from 0.7 to 1.2.

For Soft Magnetic Strips and Sheets which apply to the Frame, Whiteboard, and DIY industry, the Laminated adhesive is 3M VHB tape|3M 9448A|Normal double-sided Adhesive tape.

We also can die-cutting 3M tape such as 3M 4930 | 3M 5952 for Sandwich ceramic Magnetic Assemblies. which apply to motors, speakers, automotive applications, and refrigerators.

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