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Tape Coating

Adhesive Tape Coating

Adhesive tape coating uses a particular tape coating machine to apply glue to the backing and then dry the roll to make the tape master roll(jumbo roll).
The machine used is a professional tape-coating machine. The glue is silicone, PSA, acrylic, rubber, hot melt, and other adhesives. The substrate(backing) is PI, PET, cloth, paper, foam, etc.
The width is from 500mm to 1300mm. Single-sided tape only needs to be coated on one side, only coated one time. Double-sided tape requires double-sided adhesive coating, requiring secondary coating. Relatively thin tape, also need to add liner protection.
The length and width of the master roll are determined by the maximum width of the tape coater and the size of the backing materials.
The jumbo roll is the first part of the produced adhesive tape, the weight is huge, to facilitate transportation and use, it needs to be rewinding into a log roll for transportation and cutting.

Coating Backing and Adhesive Of Adhtapes

Conduct Glue
Backing TypeBacking
FilmPolyimide Film / PI Film
Polyester Film / PET Film
Polyvinylchloride film / PVC film
Polytetrafluoroethylene Film / PTFE Film
Conduct Cloth
Glass Cloth
Glass Fiber Class
Acetate Fabric
Conduct Cloth
Glass Fiber
FoamPolyethylene Foam / PE Foam
Ethylene-vinyl acetate Foam / EVA foam
FoilCopper Foil
Aluminum Foil

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