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Nitto GA808

Nitto GA808

Nitto GA808 is a double-coated adhesive tape developed for bonding components of home appliances and other electronic products.
GA808 is ideal to adhere to plastic molding, insulation film, nameplates, foam, metal plating, and various types of film.
The tape is optimally designed to offer both superior initial bonding strength and component bonding performance.

  • Thickness: 0.14mm
  • Width: 1200mm
  • Length: 50m

Nitto GA808 Features:

  • Offers a superior balance of initial bonding strength and component bonding performance.
  • Provides superior bonding performance for all types of substrates.
  • Offer good adhesion even at low temperatures.
  • Provides superior durability.
  • Offer high processability and workability.

Nitto GA808 Applications:

  • Bonding of metal and plastic components
  • Bonding of display nameplate
  • Bonding of foam

Nitto GA808 Precautions when using

  • Remove all oil, moisture, and dirt from the surface of the substrate before applying.
  • The tape employs pressure-sensitive adhesive. Be sure to apply pressure with a roller or press when applying. Not enough to do so could affect properties or appearance.
  • The tape may not adhere well to significantly uneven or distorted surfaces. Level off the surface as much as possible before applying.
  • It takes some time before the tape exhibits its full adhesive strength. Allow the tape to set for several hours before placing it in a position or using it in a manner that places stress on the tape.

Nitto GA808 Precautions when storing

  • Be sure to keep the tape in the packaging box when not using it.
  • Keep in a cool dark place not exposed to sunlight directly.

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