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The Adhesive tape solution for electric vehicle power battery

March 17, 2022

Endurance, Safety, and Efficiency are the three characteristics of electric vehicle battery design and production.

We provide materials, processes, and technologies to optimize your design.

Here are several types of tapes commonly used in new energy-electric vehicles:

Buffer Material

Proven cushioning products ensure consistent pressure in the battery box. They secure components in place and prevent general structural vibration and damage, so as to achieve optimal and lasting battery performance.
For Auto car Meters and screens, normally the cushioning material used is Rogers Poron Foam, if want cheaper material, Korean PU Foam or Chinese PU Foam can be your choice.
For Battery Box seal and cushioning, the Rogers silicone foam recommends, the silicone foam made in China is also a good choice.

Thermal Conduct Pad For Vehicle Battery

Using high-quality heat dissipation products can keep the surface cool, reduce thermal fatigue and prolong battery life.
For thermal conduct pads, there are many brands such as BERGQUIST/ 3M / Tesa, the Chinese technology on this product is very mature, with different thicknesses and thermal conduct for choice, also the price is competitive.

High-temperature Insulation Bonding Materials For Vehicle Battery

High-temperature adhesive tapes provide lightweight, durable fixation for multiple automotive applications, ensuring strong adhesion even under the most extreme conditions.
The material recommends being PET silicone tape / Kapton Tape /Mylar tape.

Shielding Material For Vehicle Battery

Used to meet the stringent requirements of electric vehicle battery applications to help improve overall performance. The shielding material is aluminum conduct tape/ copper conduct tape/ Lead foil conduct tape.
Copper foil tape: 3M 1181
Aluminum foil tape: 3M 425 / 3M 427 / 3M 3618 / 3M 431
Lead foil tape: 3M 420 / 3M 421

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