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March 18, 2022

Photovoltaic solar tape application solution

Many parts of photovoltaic solar energy manufacturing need tape. Various adhesive tape products are applied from solar frame bonding, module back supports bar fixing, permanent edge protection, cell sheet fixing and arrangement to junction box harness fixing, junction box installation fixing, bus bar fixing, and insulation, conductive lead shielding, laminated temporary hole shielding, etc.

Adhtapes is a manufacturer of self-adhesive tape and system solutions, providing you with photovoltaic solar energy and suitable tape solutions.

Solar frame bonding recommend tape 

PE Foam Tape : Tesa 63610 / Tesa 63608/ Tesa 62508, 62510, 62512 FrameSelect
Acrylic foam Tape :3M 4410/ 3M 2204

Solar Back Rail Bonding recommend tape 

Acrylic foam Tape : Tesa ACXplus 7078 / 3M 2204 / 3M 2304

Solar Permanent edge protection recommend tape

A frameless PV module with a glass backplate is an attractive new product; However, the glass edge is easy to be damaged during production, transportation, and installation.

The edge protection tape makes the frameless PV module have a beautiful appearance, reduce the damage rate of the module, seal, and prevent water seepage or delamination.
PE Foam Tape: Tesa 65052-black edge protect tape
Acrylic foam tape : 3M Solar Edge Tape 1060

Solar Battery /Cell fixing and alignment recommend tape

During the lamination process, the solar cell must be fixed and the harness needs to be arranged neatly. As the product will be retained inside the PV module, it must have good anti-aging and anti UV properties.

Maintaining the position between the battery sheets during lamination; Fixing and insulation of solar tape in thin-film module
Single-side PET Tape : Tesa 4129 / 3M UV-1

Junction box harness /Cable fixing recommed tape

The loose harness behind the PV module is a risk factor for product quality and installation safety.

The adhesive tape used to fix the harness at the back can realize extremely high instantaneous adhesive force on all kinds of backplanes, and can be easily removed without residual glue even after overseas container transportation.
Mopp: Tesa 64284

Junction box Fix/Bonding recommend tape

Double-sided PE Foam Tape: Tesa 62510
Double-sided Acrylic foam tape : 3M 4110 / 3M 4155

Bus bar fixing and insulation recommend tape

Double-sided PET Tape: Tesa 4983 /3M 200MP / 3M300LSE series

Conductive lead shielding recommend tape

PV modules need bus bars on the sun side. Single-sided pet tape is suitable for permanently covering metal leads, which can achieve a beautiful appearance and electrical insulation
Ribbon blackout: Tesa 7250 black single-side PET Tape

Temporary blinding/ Hole covering recommend tape

During the lamination process, fix the leads, which are used to temporarily plug the holes and cracks on the back, and fix the leads of the junction box.

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