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Nitto 500

Nitto 500

NITTO 500 is suitable for the bonding and fixing of stamping, nameplates, and membrane switches.
It can be punched, torn, and easy to operate. It is suitable for the bonding of nameplates, film switches, refrigerator evaporators, logos, micro chapter, foam, and rubber, and is widely used in the assembly of household appliances and electronic instruments.
Nitto No.500 and No.500A series are double-coated adhesive tapes consisting of acrylic adhesive with flexible non-woven fabric.

  • Tape thickness (mm):0.17mm
  • Width (mm):3-1200mm
  • Length (M): 50

Nitto 500 Features

  • Widely used as an industrial double-coated adhesive tape, this reliable tape is one of our most popular products.
  • Offers superior adhesive strength and is excellent in fixing parts.
  • Exhibits good properties for bonding substrates with comparatively large dimension changes due to heat as when bonding metal and plastic plates.
  • No.500, No.500A, No.500B, No.500AB, No.500WH, and No.500AWH have gotten UL969 approval.
  • The ten hazardous materials restricted by the RoHS directive are not compounded.
  • Good temperature resistance
  • High adhesion
  • Excellent waterproof
  • Convenient processing

Nitto 500 Applications

  • Bonding punched metal nameplates
  • Bonding ABS decorative panels
  • Fixing plastic display panel
  • Fixing of the plastic display panel.
  • Fixing of nameplates for automobile meter panels and air-conditioners.
  • Fixing of household electric appliances and parts.
  • Fixing of rubber footing materials.

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