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SY-2000 is a skived PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) film.

  • High-temperature resistance
  • Superior electrical properties
  • High chemical resistance
Data Sheet

PTFE Film Data Sheet

Dencitykg/m3(2.15-2.25) *10^3
Poisson's ratio (25℃)0.4
Systolicity((195℃,28Mpa,3 mins)%<1%
Water absorption rate24H/%<0.01
Contact Angle with water114°-115°
Surface tensionN/Cm18.5×10^-5
Maximum service temperature without load260
Chemical solvent resistancegood
Tensile strengthMPa36.5
Elongation at break%330
Modulus of elasticity in compressionMPa280
Compression strength 5%MPa12.9
Impact strength (notched)KJ/m^22
Flexural strengthMPa20.7
Friction coefficient (load 2MPa)0.11
Modulus of elasticity in bendingMPa700
Melting point327
Heat deflection temperature55
Vicat softening point110
Pyrolysis temperature415
Linear expansion factor (perpendicular to the direction of pressure)1/℃20~60℃ 10.3×10^-5
Thermal conductivityW/m.K0.256
Dielectric constant (10H2)≤1.8-2.2
Volumetric resistivityΩm≥1×10^15
Surface resistivityΩ>10^10
Voltage resistancekv/mmReaching a maximum voltage of 19v without breakdown

PTFE Film Applications

  • Electrical applications

  • Release film for high-temperature flex circuits

  • Release or bonding film for the production of microwave circuits
  • Harness for electrical wiring
  • Spacers for transformers
  • Molding of composite structures

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