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What is tape coating machine

August 23, 2022

A tape coater is a machine that coats the base material with glue and is one of the main machines for tape production.

Tape Coating Machine Coating Method

  • The single-side coating is applying glue only to one side of the substrate, such as single-sided Kapton tape;
  • The double-sided coating is applied glue to both sides of the substrate, such as double-sided pet tape.
  • Both single-sided coated paper and double-sided coated paper can be divided into single-layer coating (primary coating) and double-layer coating (secondary coating). The double-layer coating is mainly used to produce high-quality and large coating amounts. The double-coated paper has better printability than single-coated paper, which is an effective method to improve the quality of the coated paper.

Working Process Of Tape Coater

The rolled base materials, such as paper, cloth, leather, aluminum foil, plastic film, etc., are coated with a layer of glue, paint, or ink with specific functions, and then dried and wound.

Components Of Tape Coating Machine

  • It is composed of a temperature control part, deviation correction part, drying part, and speed regulation part
  • Temperature control part: adopt advanced electronic temperature control, and adjust the temperature automatically
  • Deviation correction part: high sensitivity automatic deviation correction instrument and infrared high-sensitivity probe are enough to ensure that the edges and corners of the produced products are neat and free of waste
  • Drying part: adopt the latest electric steam heating
  • Speed regulation part: adopt an advanced step-less variable speed motor, which can continuously adjust the working speed

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