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Adhesive Tape for solar double glass modules

The double glass module consists of a composite layer of two pieces of tempered glass, EVA film, and solar cells laminated at high temperature by a laminating machine.
It consists of a tempered glass layer, a material layer (PVB, PO, EVA, or ionomer), a monocrystalline or polycrystalline cell group layer, a material layer, and a tempered glass layer, all set in sequence from top to bottom.
Excellent performance in all aspects. Wide range of applications. Improved performance in all areas and a significantly wider range of applications.

Advantages Of Double-glazed Modules

  • As double-glass modules are made of double glass, their weather resistance and power generation efficiency are better than traditional modules: especially for photovoltaic power stations distributed in areas with high humidity, acid rain or salt, agricultural greenhouse photovoltaic power stations, photovoltaic power stations in windy and sandy areas, the advantages of double-glass modules are even more significant.
  • The water permeability is zero, and the decay rate, efficiency, and lifetime are optimized simultaneously.
  • The back sheet material of single glass modules is an organic material, water vapor can penetrate the back sheet and lead to the rapid degradation of EVA resin, whose decomposition products contain acetic acid, which will corrode the silver grid lines and sink strips on the PV cells and make the power generation efficiency of the modules decrease year by year.
  • The zero water permeability of the glass reduces the power loss of the module, increases the power generation efficiency, reduces the decay rate by about 0.2 percentage points, and extends the life of the module by 5 years to about 30 years.
  • Good mechanical properties, stable and reliable power generation. The wear resistance, insulation, water resistance, and load-bearing capacity of the glass are all better than that of the back sheet, reducing problems such as partially hidden cracks in the modules and making them more stable and reliable in power generation.
  • In addition, the fire rating of the double-glazed modules has been upgraded from Class C to Class A for conventional modules, significantly improving the fire performance.
  • Large thermal capacity, reducing the hot spot effect. Double-glazed modules have a larger thermal capacity and are less susceptible to cold and thermal shocks due to their smaller temperature rise rate compared to ordinary modules.
  • The difference between the thermal diffusion coefficient of the glass and the back sheet is more than 7 times, so the use of double-glazed modules can solve the heat dissipation problem of the modules and reduce the hot spot damage.
  • Double-glazed modules are designed without an aluminum frame, without which the electric field that causes PD cannot be established, greatly reducing the possibility of PID degradation. Low attenuation, long life, over 20% increase in power generation.
  • Double-glass modules can increase power generation by about 3% with a lower attenuation rate, but the increase in light transmission after the glass replaces the back sheet brings power loss, so the comprehensive power generation gain of double-glass modules is about 1%.

Gains And Losses Of Double-glazed Modules

Gain: The low attenuation rate contributes to a 3% increase in power generation.
As the attenuation rate of double-glass modules is about 0.2 percentage points lower than that of single-glass modules, the power output of double-glass modules will increase by 3% compared to conventional modules under the same power generation conditions.
Losses: Increased light transmission and 2% loss of power. As the EVA film is transparent, there is no white backside to reflect the light leakage between the cells, which makes the amount of light that produces the photoelectric effect in the cell lower due to higher light transmission, and the module will have at least 2% power loss.
The use of white EVA for the back side of the encapsulation material will appear white.
EVA overflow glue obscuring the cell, can not perfectly solve the problem of power loss.
In addition, the sealing method of the double-glazed modules will affect the function of the water resistances and the tolerance to wind pressure will be affected by the loss of the aluminum frame protection.

Tape Required For Double-glazed Modules

Solar Edge Tape Seal Dispenser
  • Material: Metal
  • Colour: White
  • Size:14cm*26mm
  • Use: Handheld
  • Application: Tape seal dispenser
  • The self-adjusting spring-loaded press wheel has good adaptability to different thicknesses of components, which can effectively improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity compared to manual placement, realizing efficient packaging of double-glass components with lamination.

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