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What is adhesive tape

October 10, 2022

Adhesive tape is a product consisting of a base material and glue. Adhesive tape has a wide range of uses as an adhesive alternative to traditional products such as nails.

Tape composition

  • Glue and substrate
  • The glue determines the main adhesive properties of the tape.
  • The substrate determines the strength of the tape and influences the adhesion.
Distinguishing features of adhesive tapes - three main mechanical characteristics
  • Peel strength
  • initial adhesion
  • Adhesion

Peel Strength Of Adhesive Tape

  • Peel strength is the amount of force exhibited when pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is peeled from the adhesive. It is the ability of the pressure-sensitive adhesive to resist separation from the interface when the adhesive is removed after a period of time.
  • This force is related to the material of the adhesive itself and also to the peel-off tape. The 180-degree and 90-degree peel forces are used for this test. 180-degree tests give a higher force ☞ and provide a better differentiation of the tape's properties.
  • The 180-degree peel force test is used for 90% of all pressure-sensitive tapes and is the main indicator of adhesion.

Initial Adhesion Of Adhesive Tape

  • Also known as the fast adhesive force, the tape, and the sticky object to a very light pressure contact immediately after the rapid separation of the ability to show resistance to separation. The initial adhesion shows the softness of the tape, the harder the glue the smaller the initial adhesion.
  • With the slope stop ball method test, in 30 degrees on the slope, no initial speed release of various diameter balls, ball after 100mm slope glue, roll on the glue surface, the tape can stick to the maximum number of small balls for the initial sticky value, to the ball number 1-32 # said.

Adhesion Of Adhesive Tape

  • Adhesion is the ability of a tape to resist displacement when a specified weight is hung vertically in the direction of the length of the tape on the object to which it adheres.
  • The test standard is to hang a weight of 1kg for 24 hours without the tape falling off the test plate.
  • Adhesion is influenced by the performance of the glue and the adhesion of the glue to the substrate.
  • A good cross-linking of the glue will result in a high adhesion.
  • Good adhesion of the glue to the substrate will result in greater adhesion.

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