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Lithium Battery Termination Tape

Lithium battery termination tape

Lithium battery termination tape is made with PET or PP film as backing, coated with acid, alkali, and electrolyte-resistant acrylic or rubber, silicon-free, and moisture-free.

For better tracking, the adhesive surface can be laser graved with a QR code, identification code, and traceability data code to be engraved tape or printed numbers on the backing film to be a digital tape.

  • Color: Green / Blue / Clear
  • Backing: PET / PP
  • Adhesive: Acrylic / Rubber
  • Thickness: 0.016-0.045mm
Data Sheet
TDS Download

Lithium Battery Termination Tape Data Sheet

Item NoS51-16S51-22S51-30S51-45S51-30PPS51-45PP
Backing material PET PP
Backing thickness (mm)0.010.0150.02 0.020.03
Thickness (mm)0.0160.0220.030.0450.030.045
Length ( m )100/200/300 / Cusomized100/200/300 / Cusomized
GlueAcrylic / Rubber (Acid, alkali, and electrolyte resistance)Acrylic ( Acid, alkali, and electrolyte resistance)
Color Green / Blue / ClearGreen / Blue
Tensile strength ( N/25mm )305060703040
Peel adhesion ( N/25mm )1.5-3.53.0-6.03.0-6.03.5-6.0 3.0-6.05.0-9.0
Temperarure resistance (℃)110110110110110110
Electrolyte resistant / 85℃*4hPASSPASS
Halogen FreePASSPASS

Lithium Battery Termination Tape Sturcture

Lithium Battery Termination Tape Structure

Lithium Battery Termination Tape Features

  • Strong resistance to electrolyte.
  • High electrical insulation.
  • Appropriate adhesion force.
  • Good adhesion and no residual after peeling.
  • Rohs & halogen-free.

Lithium Battery Termination Tape Applications

  • Used for insulation and fixation of the terminal ears and winding positions of cylindrical and square, small and medium-sized lithium batteries, and large power lithium battery cells, playing a role in termination and puncture prevention.

  • Used for insulation protection and fixation of the electrode, edge, bottom, and termination parts of aluminum shell, steel shell, and soft pack battery cells.

  • Digital termination tape is used to distinguish the production capacity statistics and quality traceability of different production lines or units

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