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Silicone Foam Tape

Silicone Foam Tape

Silicone Foam Tape is silicone foam laminating double-sided tape.

  • Adhesive: single-sied
  • Color: Red | Black | White | Grey
  • Thickness: 1mm – 50 mm
  • length: max 10 m
  • Width: Customized
  • Temperature range: -57℃ to 250℃
  • Die-cutting: Any shape and any size
  • Samples: Free
Data Sheet

Silicone Foam Tape Data Sheet

Test ItemUnitTest StandardData Sheet
Densityg.cm3ASTM D 10560.25 ± 0.03
Compressive stress,25%kPaASTM D 105635 ± 10
Permanent compression deformation%ASTM D 1056 , 100°C@50%< 3.0
The tensile strengthMPaGB/T 528-2009> 0.3
elongation%GB/T 528-2009>90
Bibulous rate%ASTM D 570< 5.0
Environmental testing/ROHSqualified
Combustion flame spread index/ASTM E162qualified
Combustion smoke concentration/ASTM E 662-2015qualified
Combustion of toxic gas emissions/SMP 800-C-2009qualified
Low temperature bending/ASTM D 1056qualified
Dielectric strengthkV/mmGB/T 1695-2005> 3.5
Resistivity of volumeQ-cmGB/T 1695-2005> 1.0*1015
Flame retardant/UL94-2013V-0
Thermal conductivityW/(m.K)ASTM D 59300.06

Silicone Foam Tape Features

  • Excellent flame retardancy
  • High and low-temperature resistance
  • Low specific gravity, fine and uniform pore size
  • Waterproof, shock absorption, sealing, heat insulation
  • Anti-ultraviolet, anti-ozone
  • Very adaptable to mechanical fatigue
  • Good resistance to compression set and cree

Silicone Foam Tape Applications

  • Automobile seal
  • High-speed train
  • Industrial energy installation
  • Cold supply chain
  • Used for waterproof sealing and shock absorption protection of new energy vehicle batteries.
  • When the power battery is deformed due to expansion or contraction, it plays a protective role, mainly for shock-resistant buffering, sealing and heat preservation, etc.
  • Used as a sealing gasket of the battery box to reduce the bumps and vibrations of the battery box during the operation of the electric vehicle.
  • Vibration isolation of electronic equipment and vehicle interior.

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