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October 26, 2022

Die-cutting process is a post-processing cutting process for adhesive tape. The tape die-cutting process allows the tape to be cut in accordance with the design of the drawing into a die-cutting knife version so that the shape of the tape is not straight.
The traditional tape die-cutting process uses a die-cutting knife to form a die-cutting plate based on a drawing of the product design, and under pressure, the tape is rolled and cut into the desired shape or mark.
The creasing process uses either a creasing knife or a creasing die to apply pressure to the tape, or a roller to roll the tape so that the tape can be shaped to the intended drawing.
The die-cutting and creasing process is usually carried out by combining a die-cutting knife and a creasing knife in the same template on a die-cutting machine.
What is adhesive tape die cutting
What is adhesive tape die cutting
What is adhesive tape die cutting
What is adhesive tape die cutting

Adhesive Tape Die-cutting Applications

Die-cutting is a new industry and with the rapid development of the electronics industry, the die-cutting process has been widely used in the production of auxiliary materials for industrial electronics.
  • Commonly used in the following industries: electro-acoustics, healthcare, display signs, safety and protection, transport, office supplies, electronics and electricity, communications, industrial manufacturing, and home leisure.
  • Used in mobile phones, MID, digital cameras, automotive, LCD, LED, FPC, FFC, RFID, and other products, gradually used in the above products for bonding, dustproof, shockproof, insulation, shielding, thermal conductivity process protection, and other aspects.
  • Electronic parts, accessories, etc. needed in the aviation, automotive, shipping, and naval industries are supplied by die-cutting production.

Common Die-cutting Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive Tape Die-cutting Features

  • High precision
  • High production speed
  • Can be produced with drawings
  • Multiple materials can be die-cut
  • Increased productivity of the final product
  • Any shape
  • Any size

10 Processes For Adhesive Tape Die-cutting

Die-cutting is a very common process in the processing of adhesive tapes, especially in the automotive and electronics industries.
In short, it involves cutting the tape into the desired shape for various applications using a special die.
The different die-cutting processes for adhesive tapes have their advantages and disadvantages, including the basic half-cut, multi-layer laminated material die-cutting, gapless and gap die-cutting.
  • Half-cutting process.

  • Multi-layer laminated material die-cutting.

  • Gapless half-cutting.

  • Gap die-cutting.

  • Perforation design.

  • Positioning tear-off design.

  • Design of back-cutting release paper.

  • Positioning feature design.

  • Stamp line design on release paper.

  • Peel head and extended-release paper.

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