Adhesive Tape Materials And Whole Set Solutions

August 25, 2022

Poron Foam Tape

Poron Foam Tape

PORON is microcellular urethane foam with an extremely low compression set.
The current famous brand is Rogers Poron Foam from USA and S&K Poron Foam From Korea.
In China, with the development of technology, also can produce and the price is more cheaper.

Thickness: 0.15mm-12.7mm
Poron foam can be coated or laminated with single-side tape or double-sided tape,
can die-cutting to any shape to meet customers’ needs.

Poron Foam Tape Application

  • Speaker perimeter – prevents sound distortion, increases air tightness, and fills space.
  • LCD peripheral – increase shading, absorb external impact, shockproof, fill space.
  • Vibration motor periphery – absorb the vibration of motor and body, shockproof, increase air tightness.
  •  Mobile phone peripheral – to prevent sound distortion, prevent voice chatter, and increase air tightness.
  • Microphone perimeter – prevents sound distortion, maintains spacing, and increases air tightness.
  • Shell periphery – shockproof, keep space, increase air tightness.
  • Mobile communication equipment, computers, electroacoustic products, electrical appliances, and electronic medical devices with
    good shock absorption performance are needed.

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