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Poron Foam Tape

PORON is microcellular urethane foam with an extremely low compression set.
The current famous brand is Rogers Poron Foam from USA and S&K Poron Foam From Korea.
In China, with the development of technology, also can produce and the price is more cheaper.

Thickness: 0.15mm-12.7mm
Poron foam can be coated or laminated with single-side tape or double-sided tape,
can die-cutting to any shape to meet customers’ needs.

PORON Foam Applications

  • Speaker perimeter – prevents sound distortion, increases air tightness, and fills space.
  • LCD peripheral – increase shading, absorb external impact, shockproof, fill space.
  • Vibration motor periphery – absorbs the vibration of motor and body, shockproof, increase air tightness.
  •  Mobile phone peripheral – to prevent sound distortion, prevent voice chatter, and increase air tightness.
  • Microphone perimeter – prevents sound distortion, maintains spacing, and increases air tightness.
  • Shell periphery – shockproof, keep space, increase air tightness.
  • Mobile communication equipment, computers, electroacoustic products, electrical appliances, and electronic medical devices with
    good shock absorption performance is needed.

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