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Floor Marking Tape

Floor Marking Tape is made of PVC film and rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive.

It is widely used indoors and outdoors and can be pasted on various surfaces such as tiles, wood, stone, concrete, metal, and so on.

  • Thickness:0.13mm
  • Length:33m
  • Width: Custom made
  • Samples: Free

Floor Marking Tape Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Total Thicknessmm0.13±0.005ASTM-D1000
Standard Roll Widthmm1250ASTM-D1000
Standard Roll LengthM33ASTM-D1000
Tensile StrengthN/25mm20ASTM-D1000
Breakage Elonglation%200ASTM-D1000
Viscosity forceN/25mm1.5ASTM-D1000
Temperature  Resistance80

Floor Marking Tape Features

  • With a bright and durable black and yellow tape, a worldwide sign of danger.
  • Made of strong PVC, this floor safety tape also adheres easily to any clean and dry surfaces such as stairs, walls, and even metal bars.
  • Warning tape is a quick and inexpensive way to identify or tape over hazards such as wires on the floor.
  • Strong stickiness, can be used on an ordinary cement floor.
  • It is easy to operate than paint on the ground.
  • Easy to apply, and which sticks well but can be removed as needed without leaving a mess.
  • PVC material,high-gloss reflective safety warning waterproof and wear-resistant.
  • Pulling off without curling is more stable.
  • Long-lasting wear-resistant viscous strong and durable nearly spliced.
  • Has strong viscous wear resistance prevents static color and is highly resistant to high-frequency pedaling.

Floor Marking Tape Application

  • Use it outdoors to mark out parking.
  • Used for road signs warning, color coding, warning area.
  • Used not only on the ordinary floor but also on wooden floors, tiles, marbles, walls, and machines.
  • Marking functions suitable for oil, natural gas, gas pipeline winding, and wrapping.
  • Perfect as an aisle or lane marking tape as well as for marking dangerous equipment, trip hazards, and out-of-bounds areas in workplaces and schools.

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