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Barley Paper

Barley paper is a kind of paper with high mechanical strength used as insulation material. It is made of wood fiber or mixed pulp with cotton fiber by a certain process.

Data Sheet

Barley Paper Data Sheet

Data / Item No.S7015S7017S7020S7025S7030S7050
Total Thickness (mm)
Nominal grammage(g/m2)155180210255300600
Film nominal thickness(um)25
Tensile strength(MD)(N/10mm)≥100≥110≥120≥120≥150≥150
Tensile strength(XD)(N/10mm)≥70≥75≥80≥95≥105≥105
Electric breakdown voltage(KV)≥2≥3≥4≥5≥5.5≥6
Bond strength at 120± 2℃120 ± 2℃10MinNo delamination,no blister,no adhesive flow

Barley Paper Features

  • Good mechanical strength
  • High electrical strength
  • The surface of the product is flat and smooth
  • Resilient
  • Resistant to water, wear, oil and aging
  • Withstand voltage
  • Insulation

Barley Paper Applications

  • Electrically insulating material for an electric machine
  • Lithium battery pack insulation material
  • Used for indirect sealing of hard metal parts in the septum, such as household ceiling fan between the fan wing and the fan head with screw fastening in the interval of a layer of highland barley paper
  • A green shell paper is sandwiched between the spindle press ring and the gearbox of the lathe
  • Electrical and electronic
  • High technology products
  • Electronic toys
  • Communication equipment
  • Computer equipment
  • Audio equipment
  • Lamp act in the role ofing
  • Arts and crafts
  • The calculator
  • Transformer
  • 18650 battery

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