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Silicone Rubber

Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber SY-800 medium cellular silicone is a lightness foam featuring enhanced sealing capabilities compared to traditional sponge rubber.
SY-800 Silicone support is available in various thicknesses and manufactured in roll form to allow fabricators to easily convert the material to the proper dimensions

  • Color: Gray
  • Width: Max 900mm
  • Thickness: 0.6mm to 20mm
Data Sheet

Silicone Rubber Data Sheet

Test Item  UnitTest stanardResult
Densityg.cm-3 ASTM D 10560.35±0.01
Compressive stress, 25%kPaASTM D 105660 ± 10
Compression set%ASTM D 1056 @100℃≤ 5.0
Tensile strengthMPaGB/T 528-2009≥ 0.3
Elongation%GB/T 528-2009≥ 80
Water absorption%Internal test≤ 1.5
Environmental protection test/RoHS、REACHqualified
Flame retardancy/UL94-2013V-0
Smoke density/BS 6853 Appendix DA0≤220
Smoke toxicity/BS 6853 Appendix BR≤5
Surface flame propagation velocity/BS 476-7second level
CHF value of flame extinctionkW/m2BS ISO 9239-1≥8
Maximum smoke density DS MAX/EN ISO 5659-2≤150
Traditional toxicity index Citg/EN ISO 5659-2≤0.75
Combustion produces toxic gases/SMP 800-C-2009qualified
Low temperature bending/ASTM D 1056-55 ℃ qualified
Dielectric strengthkV/mmGB/T 1695-2005≥ 2.5
Volume resistivityΩ·cmGB/T 1692-2008≥ 10^14
Thermal conductivityW/(m·K)ASTM C5180.06

Silicone Rubber Features

  • Excellent flame retardant.
  • Excellent electric insulation.
  • Steady-going storage.
  • Excellent memory and low-stress relaxation reduce maintenance costs associated with gasket failures.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet light, ozone, and extreme temperatures(-60 ~ 200 oC) enable consistent performance.

Silicone Rubber Applications

  • It is used to seal and protect various outdoor communications, cell packs, railway transportation, and electronics.
  • This material provides protection against wind-driven rain and fire, and reduces shock or isolates vibration.

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