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PU Foam

PU foam is a type of slow-rebound polyurethane foam.

The foam layer is inseparable from PET, as the polyurethane raw material is directly coated onto a 50-micron PET film, which after foaming and hardening forms an integrated foam with a non-peelable polyurethane layer and PET.

Data Sheet

PU Foam Data Sheet

Thickness  (±10%)mm0.20.30.5-1.01.5-3.03.5-5.0Thickness gauge
Density     ( ±10%)g/cm30.650.480.40.320.32ASTM D 3574
Compressive deformation     (Set 50%,at 70)%≤10ASTM D 3574
25% C.F.Dkpa36.0   (20-70)26.0   (14-50)18.0   (10-40)13.0   (8-25)13.0   (8-25)ASTM D 3574

PU Foam Structure

PU Foam Structure

PU Foam Features

  • Low compression deformation to prevent collapse and prolong equipment life.
  • Excellent shock absorption performance to protect equipment from damage.
  • Strong sealing ability to protect equipment components from dust, moisture, and other pollutants.
  • Outstanding resistance to stress relaxation. Excellent conformability, outstanding compliance, low CFD, and strong gap-filling ability.
  • High processing efficiency, easy to process without debris.
  • Excellent impact absorption capacity.

PU Foam Applications

  • Household appliances
  • Consumer electronics products

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