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Protect Film

The product is low viscosity protective film and suitable for surface protection of high-end electronic sheets of the light guide plate. The glue is anti-static.

This product has good transparency, high cleanliness, small fish eyes, good heat resistance, soft nature, good adhesion, and no migration.

This product provides customers with the protective film applicable to the plate.

Data Sheet

Protect Film Data Sheet

Protect PE Film SY-465
Thicknessum45±6%Thickness gauge
Colorlight gray
180°Peel strength (SUS)gf/25MM9GB/T2792
Elongation at break TD%≥180GB/T1040.1
Elongation at break MD%≥180GB/T1040.1
Tensile strength TDMpa≥14GB/T1040.1
Tensile strength MDMpa≥17GB/T1040.1
High temperature and high humidityNo migrationPut the polished mirror panel into a 60 ℃ incubator with a humidity of 90% and 24hrs, take it out and tear the film after cooling
loop measurementNo migrationNormal temperature - 60 ℃ / 90% - normal temperature - 20 ℃ for three cycles, totaling 36hrs
Weather resistanceNo migrationPut the polished mirror panel into a 70 ℃ constant temperature oven for 24 hours, take it out and test after cooling
StandingNo migrationPlace the polished mirror panel in the warehouse under normal temperature, and tear the film after standing for one week

Protect Film Structure

PE Protect Film Structure
  • Acrylic
  • PE

Protect Film Applications

The test results of peeling force will be different due to the roughness of the plate itself the surface energy of different materials, the glue system thickness of the original film, and other factors. The sticking plate shall be used for final confirmation.
Factors easy to cause residue:

  1. there are oily substances on the surface of the pasted object;
  2. Exposure to volatile solvents;
  3. Strong ultraviolet irradiation.

Damp or poor cleanliness on the surface of the pasted object will directly affect the adhesion of the film.
If low molecular weight substances migrate on the surface of the pasted material is easy to have white fog after the film is torn off
The upper and lower processes of the pasted object have a special surface treatment. Please make test verification before use. This product can be used only after being confirmed by relevant technicians

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