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Solar Cell Tape

Solar Cell Tape

Solar cell tape is made of polyester film coated with highly transparent, UV resistant pure acrylic adhesive

Color: Transparent
Thickness: 0.06mm
Width: Customized
Length: 50m

Data Sheet

Solar Cell Tape Data Sheet

BackingPolyester Film
Total Thickness(mm)0.06±0.02mm
Peel Strength to Steel (N/25mm)7.5
Tensile Strength(N/Cm)30
Temperature Resistance (℃)120

Solar Cell Tape Structure

Solar Cell Tape Structure
  1. PET Film
  2. Acrylic adhesive

Solar Cell Tape Features

  • Originally developed for the superior bonding performance to the varied surfaces of mirrors, steels, and aluminum alloys at a wide range of temperatures.
  • The outstanding properties of heat、water、chemicals & UV-light resistance and none-aging 、none-cracking & anti-corrosion characteristics are perfect.
  • This adhesive combines a good balance of tack and adhesion with excellent shear strength

Solar Cell Tape Applications

  • Used for bonding and fixation of Photovoltaic electromagnetic film and aluminum back-surface field in silicon solar cells or connecting other parts of the product.
  • Moisture, heat, and UV protection of photovoltaic modules
  • Bonding of solar module frames and junction boxes
  • Dielectric insulation of crystalline silicon and thin film
  • Solar applications
  • Cell positioning
  • Bonding of rails to solar modules
  • Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle
  • Marking Cosmetic masking of bus wires and connections
  • High airflow moisture-proof venting in solar modules
  • Thermally conductive bonding materials to attach CPV modules
  • Cable fixing
  • This tape is applied to the base of the silicon cell where it holds the solar cell modules in position and prevents their displacement during the EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) film heat lamination stage of manufacture.

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