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3M UV-1 Solar Cell Fix Tape

3M UV-1 Solar Cell Fix Tape

3M UV-1 Solar Cell Fix Tape: Transparent /Clear Solar cell high-temperature fix/position insulation tape.

An anti-UV PET tape designed for outdoor UV-cutting applications where most ultraviolet light will be absorbed, so as to impart good light stability.

In particular, this tape has been designed to position solar cells before heat sealing.

  • Brand: 3M
  • Model No.: UV-1
  • Thickness:0.062mm
  • Color: Transparent | Clear
  • Log roll width:1000mm
  • Log roll length:100m
  • Cutting: Any width
  • Temperature Use Range:-40°F to 311°F (-40°C to 155°C)
Data Sheet
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3M UV-1 Solar Cell Fix Tape Data Sheet

Item Data Test standard
Adhesion to Steel:3.0 N/10mmD-3330
70C shear1000minsD-6463
140C shear 500mins
Backing Thickness:1.5 mil (0.037 mm) D-3652
Total Tape Thickness:2.5 mils (0.062 mm) D-3652
Δ E (adhere on glass, adhesive face to UV)1.5 (700hr)G-154
Dielectric Strength5.0 KVD-1000
Temperature Use Range:-40°F to 311°F (-40°C to 155°C)

3M UV-1 Solar Cell Fix Tape Features

  • Good adhesion, low free organic matter to ensure accurate positioning of silicon components, no bubbles.
  • High transparency of the backing and adhesive, without traces after lamination.
  • Resist temperature 155-185 degrees, suitable for EVA lamination.
  • High performance of UV resistant, the color will not change yellow for 25 years.
  • Wear resistance, chemical resistance, and rupture resistance.

3M UV-1 Solar Cell Fix Tape Applications

  • Protecting UV-sensitive areas during high UV radiation operations such as solar cell position
  • It is used to To fix the battery and prevent displacement When the solar panels are being laminated.
  • Cutting or slitting to the length and width required by the customers
  • Laminate liner or other materials
  • Die cut according to customer's drawing
3M UV-1 Solar Cell Fix Tape Label

Log roll packing box size: 117.1x22.6x25.8cm

3M UV-1 Solar Cell Fix Tape Box Size
  • Backing: PET
  • Adhesive: Special Acrylic

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