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Taped masking film

May 11, 2022

Taped masking film is PE film with a washi masking tape on one side. The PE Film is electrostatic.

Crepe Paper taped masking film: High sticky, resists normal temperature, Impervious, no residual glue

Washi paper taped masking film: High sticky, resists high temperature, Impervious, no residual glue, ultraviolet-proof.

The normal width is 550mm / 1100mm / 1400mm

  • If apply to small appliances, small objects, plug-ins, wall lamps, etc, choose 550mm
  • If apply to small household appliances, microwave ovens, air conditioners, televisions, etc, choose 1100mm
  • If apply to walls, furniture, door frames, bookshelves, sofas, etc, choose 1400mm.

Taped Masking Film Features

  • Advanced machine folding technology is adopted to save volume and make it easier to use. Also, easy to tear off by hand.
  • Electrostatic adsorption and no residue.
  • It can prevent the permeability of coatings, paints, and Tianna water, which is better than that of newspapers.

Taped Masking Film Applications

  • It is widely used for indoor and outdoor decoration, painting and shielding, protecting floors, furniture, and door frames, effectively preventing pollution on the surface, diatom mud construction, automobile beauty painting, exterior wall renovation, spraying real stone paint, and uneven wall protection.

How To Use Taped Masking Film

  • The first step, peel off the adhesive tape and fix it according to the required route.
  • Second, Unfold the masking film.  
  • Third, Tear off it.
  •  Fourth, Gently touch the electrostatic film, and the shielding is completed.
taped masking film

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