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Tape Spooling

Spooling Tape

Spooling is a conversion process in which tape is divided into strips and wound into large rolls using a spooling machine. The length can be 1800m to 16000m.
Spool rolls are mainly used on the machine to reduce the frequency of changing tape materials and improve production efficiency, which is an important link in the production and processing automation process.
Adhtapes Ltd can provide spooling processing of common tape materials. such as Polyimide tape, Polyester tape, Cloth tape, Double-sided tape, Foam tape, Tissue tape, etc
Spooling ModeSuperimposed winding / Line winding
Slitting Width Range3 - 35mm (±0.2mm)
length range1800 -16000m
Spooling distance1mm
Spool roll width50 - 350mm
Type of tapePolyimide tape / Polyester tape / Cloth tape / Double-sided tape / Foam tape / Tissue tape, etc
Spooling Tape Material
Tape TypeTape
High-temperature TapePolyimide Tape
Pet Silicone Tape
Teflon Tape
Plasma Tape
Insulation TapeAcetate Cloth Tape
Mylar Tape
Glass Cloth Tape
Foam TapeAcrylic Foam Tape
PE Foam Tape
Double-sided TapeDouble-sided PET Tape
Double-sided PVC Tape
Double-sided Tissue Tape
Single-sided TapeFilament Tape
Tape Spooling
Tape Spooling
Tape Spooling
Tape Spooling
Tape Spooling
Tape Spooling
Tape Spooling
Tape Spooling
Tape Spooling
Tape Spooling

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