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October 20, 2022

NFC die-cutting product

NFC die-cutting product

Definition of NFC

NFC: Near Field Communication (NFC)
NFC is essentially a "non-contact radio frequency identification" (RFID) and interconnection technology, which can meet the information exchange between any two wireless devices, content access, and service exchange, and make it more simple - as long as Any two devices close to each other without the need for cable plugging, you can achieve mutual communication.

NFC application methods

  1. NFC for smart media
  2. NFC for payment, ticketing, etc.
  3. NFC for electronic ticketing
  4. NFC is used to connect and act as a wireless activation device

NFC is used to connect and act as a wireless activation device

NFC product structure ( Structure of ferrite )
  1. Cover film
  2. Ferrite sheet
  3. Adhesive tape
  4. Release liner

NFC product features and advantages

  1. Application frequency 100KHz~30MHz
  2. High magnetic permeability
  3. Low loss
  4. High resistivity
  5. Ultra-thin
  6. Cuttable
  7. Can be pasted

NFC basic characteristics and operating frequency

Item (Features) Characteristics (Value)
  1. Product specification (Type) Ferrite sheet
  2. Operating frequency (Effective carrier frequency) 13.56MHZ and below (13.56MHZ and below)
  3. Operating temperature (℃) -40 ~ 85℃
  4. Permeability(100KHZ)(Permeability) μ′(Permeability):165 25% μ"(Magnetic loss) 2.5 25%
  5. Surface resistivity (Ω)(Surface resistivity) 1.0 G min
  6. VI. NFC environmental requirements
  7. This series of products have no impact on the environment during use and are RoHS compliant.

NFC Die-cutting product

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