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NFC die-cutting product

Definition of NFC

  • NFC: Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • NFC is essentially a "non-contact radio frequency identification" (RFID) and interconnection technology, which can meet the information exchange
  • between any two wireless devices, content access, and service exchange, and make it more simple - as long as Any two devices close to each other
  • without the need for cable plugging, you can achieve mutual communication.

NFC Application Methods

  • NFC for smart media
  • NFC for payment, ticketing, etc.
  • NFC for electronic ticketing
  • NFC is used to connect and act as a wireless activation device

NFC is used to connect and act as a wireless activation device

NFC product structure ( Structure of ferrite )
  1. Cover film
  2. Ferrite sheet
  3. Adhesive tape
  4. Release liner
NFC Die-cutting product

NFC Product Features And Advantages

  • Application frequency 100KHz~30MHz
  • High magnetic permeability
  • Low loss
  • High resistivity
  • Ultra-thin
  • Cuttable
  • Can be pasted

NFC Basic Characteristics And Operating Frequency

Item (Features) Characteristics (Value)
  • Product specification (Type) Ferrite sheet
  • Operating frequency (Effective carrier frequency) 13.56MHZ and below (13.56MHZ and below)
  • Operating temperature (℃) -40 ~ 85℃
  • Permeability(100KHZ)(Permeability) μ′(Permeability):165 25% μ"(Magnetic loss) 2.5 25%
  • Surface resistivity (Ω)(Surface resistivity) 1.0 G min
  • VI. NFC environmental requirements
  • This series of products have no impact on the environment during use and are RoHS compliant.
NFC Die-cutting product

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