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Waterproof acoustic membrane

March 18, 2022

  • The waterproof acoustic membrane is used in acoustic applications.
  • It can provide a barrier against water and dust pollution and has good sound transmission. They can also prevent dust, splash, and ordinary drinks such as soda and coffee from falling into the water temporarily, and provide pressure relief and balance.
  • Provide a solution to protect the unblocked pressure relief holes without significantly limiting the ventilation.
  • These holes are necessary to control the pressure fluctuation in the equipment and release the battery waste gas due to the changes in temperature, altitude, and sound pressure.
  • Their advantages are high-temperature resistance up to 250 ℃ and low-temperature resistance down to – 196 ℃.
  • The biggest feature of the waterproof and dustproof net is a sealed product.
  • The waterproof level reaches IP67 (the product is placed in 1m deep water and soaked for 30 minutes without water). It meets SGS and ROHS environmental standards, such as ip52, IP54, ip57, IP64, and IP67

To Prevent The Invasion Of Solid Substances,The first Number Defines The Description

  • Unprotected. No special protection.
  • Protect against solid foreign objects of 50mm in diameter and larger. Protect objects with a large surface area, except hands.
  • Protect against solid foreign objects 12mm in diameter and larger. Protect fingers or other objects with a length not exceeding 80mm.
  • Protect against solid foreign objects of 2.5mm diameter and larger. Protect tools, metal wires, etc. with a diameter or thickness of more than 2.5mm.
  • Protect against solid foreign objects of 10mm in diameter and larger. Metal wire or strip with a protective thickness greater than 1.0mm.
  • 6. dust protection: in many cases, it is impossible to completely prevent dust from entering, and the amount of dust will not affect the normal operation of the equipment.
  • Impervious to dust, i.e. no dust enters.

To Prevent Liquid Intrusion, The second Number Defines The Description

  • Unprotected. No special protection
  • Protective water droplets (vertically falling water droplets)
  • Protect against spilled water and water droplets. It can be said that water droplets falling vertically should not cause damage
  • Protect against spilled water. Water splashed from both vertical sides at an angle of 60 degrees shall not cause damage.
  • Protective water spray. When the equipment tilts 15 degrees to the normal position, the water spray on the accurate equipment from any direction shall not cause damage
  • Protect against water jets. The water jet aimed at the equipment from any direction shall not cause damage
  • Protect against big waves. The amount of water entering the equipment by large waves or strong jet water shall not cause damage.
  • Protect against flooding. When immersed in water under defined pressure and time, there shall be no water intrusion that can cause damage.
  • Protection against flooding. The equipment can be immersed in water for a long time under the conditions specified by the manufacturer.

The most used waterproof mesh in die-cutting is saati in Italy and Sefar waterproof mesh in Japan, in black and white, model hf-420bh hf-380bhhf-300bh.hf-255bh, etc

I have encountered that the waterproof mesh and adhesive of the yarn pedicle are not firm, and the tesa 4972 4982 adhesive is not firm. After punching and cutting, it is layered; Later, it is often analyzed that 3M 444 and 3m467 / 468 can solve this problem. Secondly, it is not firm in the production process, and if the pressure of the pressure roller is not enough, a little pressure can be added.

Waterproof acoustic membrane
Waterproof acoustic membrane

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