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Poron 4701-40 Polyurethane

Rogers Poron 4701-40 polyurethane is a soft material for use in applications including sealing, gasketing, vibration management, and more.
When it comes to gasket design, Poron 4701-40 polyurethane is a soft foam that is fit for the job.
The material provides a broad range of compression performance for gaskets and sealing in a variety of applications in portable electronics, automotive, aerospace, and more.

  • Brand: Rogers
  • Item No.:4701-40
  • Color: Black
  • Die-cutting: Any shape and any size

Poron 4701-40 Polyurethane Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Rogers PORON4701-40-30031-04Black0.79mm x 1372mm x 45.7m
Rogers PORON4701-40-30045-04Black1.14mm x 1372mm x 45.7m
Rogers PORON4701-40-20062-04Black1.57mm x 1372mm x 91.4m
Rogers PORON4701-40-20093-04Black2.36mm x 1372mm x 68.6m
Rogers PORON4701-40-20125-04Black3.18mm x 1372mm x 50.3m
Rogers PORON4701-40-15125-04Black3.18mm x 1372mm x 50.3m
Rogers PORON4701-40-15188-04Black4.78mm x 1372mm x 30.5m
Rogers PORON4701-40-15250-04Black6.35mm x 1372mm x 24.4m
Rogers PORON4701-40-15375-04Black9.53mm x 1372mm x 18.3m
Rogers PORON4701-40-15500-04Black12.7mm x 1372mm x 12.2m

Poron 4701-40 Polyurethane Features

  • Thickness range of .79 to 12.7 mm (.031 to .5 in.)
  • Available densities of 240, 320 or 480 kg/m3 (15, 20 or 30lb/ft3)
  • Typical compression force deflection of 41, 76, or 173 kPa (5, 11, or 25 psi)
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Extremely durable
  • Maintains integrity in lengthy temperature fluctuations

Poron 4701-40 Polyurethane Application

  • Battery pads and cushions
  • CUshioning
  • Gap filling
  • Gasketing and sealing
  • HEV Encloures
  • LCD Gaskets
  • Shock Absorption
  • Sound Blocking and Absorption
  • Vibration Management

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