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Rubber Sponge

Rubber sponge SY-250 is the closed cell rubber sponge, and it passes flame resist UL94V-0.
It mainly applies to the new energy car battery packing seals.

Data Sheet

Rubber Sponge Data Sheet

Flame Resist EPDM SY-6040F
ItemDataTest standard
Standard Size1m x 2m
ThicknessThickness :1-30mm
(AC) Hardness35± 5ASTM D2240
Density (kg/m3)270± 30ASTM D3574
Tensile Strength (Mpa)≥0.7ASTM D412
Elongation at Break (%)≥150ASTM D412
Tear Strengih (KN/m)≥4ASTM D624
Water Absorption (%)≤5ASTM D1056
Compressive Strength(KPa)70-140ASTM D1056
Compression Set (%)≤30ASTM D395
High Temperature Resistance≤4ASTM D1056
(90℃ 20HRS)(%)
Ozone Aging Test / 50 ℃ 3 hours ozone concentration 50ppdmThe surface is free of cracks, cracks and hardening
Flame retardant Rating (T≥3mm)V0UL94

Rubber Sponge Features

  • Meet the most stringent fire retardant requirements
  • Long-term temperature resistance :(-60℃~200℃)
  • Good resilience, good long-term sealing
  • Long life:10-30 years

Rubber Sponge Applications

  • Sealing, heat insulation, seismic, sound insulation, fire prevention, insulation, anti-static, anti-aging, anti-wear
  • Used for aviation, automobile, high-speed railway digital products
  • The automotive industry, lamp seals, air conditioning, dashboard, engine insulation, and cushion.
  • In the construction industry, sealing and leakproof, fire prevention and shock release, pipe insulation
  • Rail transit, shockproof insulation, sound insulation, and fire prevention
  • The shipbuilding industry, sealing, fire prevention
  • Electronic industry, sealing, fire prevention, heat insulation, insulation
  • Aerospace, sealing, shock absorption, thermal insulation
  • Automotive industry: light baffle, door mirror, car taillight, door, trunk seals, engine shock absorption materials.

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