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Acetate Tape

Acetate Tape

Acetate Tape is made of acetate fabric cloth coated with acrylic adhesive.

Item No.: S13-20
Color: White Or Black
Thickness: 0.2mm
Length: 50m
Width: Cutting any width
Adhesive: Acrylic single sided

Data Sheet

Acetate Tape Data Sheet

Item Data
Backing MaterialFiber Cloth
Backing Thickness0.17mm
Backing ColorBlack
Total Thickness0.2mm
Peel strength1500gf/inch
Holding power>48 hr
Temperature resistance80℃
Initial adhesion≥8#
Withstand voltage1.5KV
Fire ratingNon flame retardant

Acetate Tape Structure

Acetate Tape Structure
  • Liner(Optional)
  • Adhesive: Acrylic glue
  • Backing: Babric cloth

Acetate Tape Features

  • It is insulation, great for professional Industries and home and office applications.
  • It's easy to tear by hand and tough enough and can be easily removed without damaging equipment or surfaces.
  • Acetate cloth adhesive tape is great for insulation, wrapping, winding, sealing, fixing, binding, repairing, and more.
  • It's strong insulation, flame retardant, high resistance, anti-aging, antistatic, tightness, and temperature resistance.
  • Flexibility, abrasion resistance, anti-corrosion, strong tensile force, easy to tear and peel, lint-free ball, not fade, and other properties.
  • Strong bond at low and high temperatures from -14℉ to 250℉(-10℃ to 120℃), for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Can be combined with most materials, has strong practicability, a wide range of applications.

Acetate Tape Applications

  • Used for insulation and to protect industrial harnesses and electrical wires from physical damage caused by friction, for over-wrapping low voltage splices, and for general electrical maintenance jobs.
  • Automobile Wire Wrap and Repair. This acetate cloth tape can be used as a noise reduction tape in auto parts, widely used in the part of the engine, batteries, and wire harness on automobiles for wire wrapping or wire repair.
  • Guitar Pickup Tape. Very suitable for use on guitar pickups, and can be used to wrap or replace the tape on the pickups.
  • Anti-dirty and Wear-resistant.Acetate cloth tape with a smooth surface can be used to wind wires, protecting the wires from dirty and dust, In addition, it can also reduce the damage caused by wire friction and prevent the danger of leakage.

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