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The use of adhesive tape in loudspeakers

Tape die-cutting materials are used extensively in the production of loudspeaker products.
From the exterior to the interior of the loudspeaker, the use of tape die-cutting materials can be seen.

Anti-slip Pads

On the outside of the loudspeaker, the bottom anti-slip pad is made of foam, which is cut by die-cutting. The non-slip pads are fixed to the bottom of the loudspeaker by means of double-sided adhesive tapes.
The production process of non-slip mats is first laminated with a layer of double-sided tape, then die-cut in accordance with the drawings, in the production process can be directly attached to the non-slip mats.

Foam Die-cutting Material

The bottom cover of the loudspeaker is lined with a cushioning foam material, which is also die-cut and fixed with double-sided tape.
It serves as a cushioning and vibration-dampening material to protect the PCB and other important parts inside.
The sound cavity and the internal support are of a modular design, with a half-moon-shaped power supply board at the bottom, fixed to the bottom of the sound cavity shell with two Phillips screws.
The wires between the power supply board and the relevant components are embedded in the bottom cable groove, and the wires are wrapped in sponge material.
The bottom two parts of the power supply board are slotted and soldered together, with a small piece of protective foam on the surface of the slot.
The top microphone board is connected to the motherboard using the ZIF interface, which is protected by foam. The top motherboard connector is also protected by foam.

Conductive Foam

The microphone board is a white PCB with a cushion of foam around the periphery. There are no physical buttons on the four touch points, the surface is controlled by four pieces of conductive foam touching the copper skin of the motherboard to generate electrical signals.

Double-sided Adhesive Tape

The top light guide of the speaker is fixed with a small amount of double-sided tape.

Anti-slip pads
Foam die-cutting material
Conductive foam
Double-sided adhesive tape

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