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Adhesive tapes in the solar industry

Many components in the manufacture of solar photovoltaics require adhesive tapes.
From the bonding of solar PV module bezels, fixing of module back bracket strips, permanent edge protection, cell fixing and alignment to the fixing of junction box harnesses, fixing of junction box mounts, fixing and insulating of bus bars, masking of conductive leads, laminated temporary hole masking, etc., a variety of different tape products are used.

Solar bezel bonding

  • Double-sided PE foam tapes are the key to high-quality and reliable bonding performance. PE foam substrates ideally balance high adhesion with high cohesive strength. The optimized acrylic adhesive provides a secure bond to most back sheets and is easy to apply.
  • Application tapes required: PE foam tapes.
  • Secure and stable edge fixing.
  • No warped edges, avoiding stoppages or rework.
  • UV-resistant, waterproof, aging-resistant, and weather-resistant.

Module back bracket bar fixing

  • Reliable, permanent fixing solution for module back bracket bar fixing, spot mirrors, and daylight reflectors. No curing time is required for faster installation.
  • Application tape required: black PE foam tape
  • Clean working environment, easy application, fast bonding, no drying or curing, reliable and efficient production process

Permanent edge protection

  • Frameless PV modules with glass back sheets are an attractive new product; however, the glass edges are easily damaged during production, transport, and installation.
  • Edge protection tapes give frameless PV modules an aesthetically pleasing appearance, reduce the rate of module breakage, seal and prevent water penetration or delamination.
  • Tape application required: Frosted black single-sided tape (PET tape)

Cell fixing and alignment

  • During the lamination process, the cells must remain in place and the wire harnesses need to be aligned neatly. As the product will remain inside the PV module, it must have good aging and UV resistance.
  • Maintaining the position between the cells during the lamination process; fixing and insulating the solar tape in the thin film assembly.
  • Application tapes required: PET tapes

Junction box harness fixing

  • Loose harnesses on the back of PV modules are a risk factor for product quality and installation safety.
  • The adhesive tape for fixing harnesses on the back side achieves extremely high instant adhesion on all types of backing boards and can be easily removed without residual adhesive even after shipping in overseas containers.
  • Application tape required: MOPP tape

Fixing of junction boxes

  • The use of PE foam for the immediate fixing of junction boxes improves process safety and bonding quality. It solves the quality problems that can be caused by curing times when sealing junction boxes with silicone, such as displacement of the junction box or inadequate curing processes. Moreover, the foam tape is UV-resistant, weather-resistant, and flat.
  • Application tape required: PE foam tape

Busbar fixing and insulation

  • In thin-film photovoltaic modules, the busbars pass directly through the cell area. The double-sided PET insulating tape fulfills two main functions: it is ideal for fixing the leads to the coated glass and ensuring insulation.
  • Application tape required: PET insulating tape

Conductive lead masking

  • Photovoltaic modules require converging strips on the solar side. Single-sided PET tapes are suitable for permanently covering metal leads for an aesthetically pleasing appearance and electrical insulation. Masking tapes with low light transmission, high insulation strength, and low content of volatile organic components. They are temperature-resistant, UV-protected, and can be used permanently in components.
  • Application tapes required: PET masking tapes
  • Excellent light-blocking properties, excellent peel strength, and shear resistance
  • Good bounce resistance, excellent environmental resistance
  • Very good removability on general plastic and metal surfaces

Temporary Hole Covering

  • To hold leads in place during the lamination process, to temporarily plug holes and cracks on the back side, and to hold junction box leads in place.
  • Application tape required: PET masking tape
  • High adhesion, high-temperature resistance, and good removability can be used on a wide range of packing materials.

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